Easy Learning Activities for Toddlers at Home


easy learning activities for toddlers



Are you looking for easy indoor learning activities for toddlers


Here are some indoor activities for toddlers home based and home made that we absolutely loved and have tried and true:



This time around I used a craft board for some early learning fun, a fine motor play indoor activity and a big and small kids activity! 


I’ll be sharing below exactly how I went about it and how easy this simple kids activity was to put together. 


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Indoor activities for toddlers


Here are the steps I took to make a really easy learning game using some of the materials mentioned above for a fun set of indoor activities for kids: 

  • I used the poster board to draw numbers onto with a sharpie marker. 

  • Trace the foam numbers to create a puzzle or a phone number game. 

  • Then, use a plastic tray like the one I used to wrap rubber bands around making sure they are wrapped correctly.

  • Add your foam numbers/letters into the tray along with your pom poms.

  • Then, add your big and small cups for matching the correct pom poms into. 

  • And, voila! You’ve made a set of different indoor activities for toddlers, preschoolers and for kids that teach the basic skills of early learning!


Note: You can of course only work on the number/letter puzzle or on the small-medium-large cups. 


Tailor it to what your LO is working on and learning at the moment. 🙂 



easy learning activities for toddlers and for kids



Rainy day activities for kids


My LO worked on her fine motor skills by using the fine motor tool to scoop up the foam letters in the tray and match them onto the stenciled out numbers on the craft board. 


I made it a bit more advanced with the rubber bands so she worked a little more on her fine motor skills. 


This activity is a set of great indoor activities that can work for a rainy day! 


Rainy day activities for toddlers can just focus on matching the foam numbers and adding the big to small pom poms to its correct cup match. 


If you’d like to work on matching activity, you don’t have to work on numbers only. 


Go through your little’s toy bin and bring out the animal toys. 


Use a sharpie to stencil them onto a craft board or a sheet of paper and then have your toddler match the correct animal toys to its match!


Rainy day activities for preschoolers can incorporate all of these activities and work on 3 different activities within that one time frame. 


Learning through play I tell you.. So much fun! 




How to keep toddlers busy


How to keep toddlers busy with this activity.. 


You can also create an epic ball run using the recycled cups. 


Set a sterilite bin on the bottom and add big-medium-small pom poms to it. 


Create a hole at the bottom of each of the small-medium-large cups.


Tape the recycled cups to the wall. 


Then, your LO can add the correct colored pom pom through the cup and it lands right back into the sterilite bin or sterilite containers (if you choose to have more than one for the three different sizes). 


I hope you give this activity a try out! 🙂


easy learning activities for toddlers and preschool

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