Heart Count and Match Activity for Kids


simple heart count and match activity for kids



I really enjoy setting up simple and easy learning games for my girls. 


This activity was a really simple set up using items we already had right at home. 


If you want to teach your little one how to learn about:


  • Matching

  • Counting

  • Numbers


Then, this activity is for you! 


I’ll be sharing below all the items I used and how we worked on this activity so you can try it out at home too! 


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These are the 4 items you will need to set up this simple counting activity for kids. 




How to set up Counting Activities for Kids


I used heart foam shapes to trace out hearts onto a craft board


Then, I added numbers on those same foam heart shapes


Set your numbered foam hearts shapes aside.


Add dot stickers onto the heart shapes you traced on your craft board


I added a certain amount of dot stickers within each traced heart on the craft board


I made sure that the dot stickers in each matched the numbers that I wrote on the foam hearts. 


This allowed my preschooler to match them to the corresponding number.


And, that’s really all there is to it! 🙂




How do you make counting fun?


By bringing forth play to learn activities such as this one. 


These allow children to learn while having fun!


They’ll have fun matching and seeing all the bright colors.


And, while they play and match they will be learning as well! 🙂


How cool is that! 




How do you teach the concept of counting?


Teaching the concept of counting can be very easy. 


If you set forth a fun sensory bin with letter magnets within it, your child will probably call out the letter, “A” and then play a bit more with the sensory bin, then he/shell find a different letter, call it out with your help and that is essentially what a play to learn activity is! 




How do I teach my child numbers?


Teaching numbers isnt very hard when you include something fun with it. 


This water bin mixed with letters is not only allowing for a boring way to learn about letters and numbers, but it allows for stimulation of the senses. 


This inturn allows neuron connections to become stimulated and allows for the building of nerve connections in the brain passageways which allows children to learn more complex learning games and tasks. 


You can read more about the benefits of sensory play and the mixture of sensory play with learning games, here. 




Counting games and activities for preschoolers


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heart count and match activity

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