Easy Glitter Slime Recipe for Kids

easy slime recipe for kids

One activity my girls love to make is slime! Its sticky, ooey and gooey, a sensorial experience, and overall really fun! For all and more on sensory bins check out this post


My 6 year old makes it on her own from time to time. This slime recipe for kids is so simple to make because it only contains 3 ingredients! 


Well, really 4 ingredients if you add glitter like we did! But this ingredient is totally optional! 

slime recipe for kids


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Whenever we make slime at home, it gets so quiet. My girls play with it for a long time and I’m able to get a load of laundry complete which is a total win-win. 

slime for kids

Here is how we make slime with contact solution, glue and baking soda (only 3 ingredients):


Clear Glue Slime Recipe


Add your glue, baking soda and glitter (optional) to a bowl. Mix it well. 

slime recipe easyslime recipe with contact solution


Then, add your contact eye solution into the mix. Tip: try adding 1 tbs of contact eye solution first. Lastly, add another tbs of contact eye solution. 

If it looks a little runny, you can add an additional tbs of contact eye solution into the mixture. 


Once you see the mixture conjoining together to form a sort of ball like appearance, take it out. Play with it by moving it around your hands. Your slime is all set and ready to go! 

how to make slime stretchy

Crunchy Slime Ingredients

crunchy slime ingredients

If you want to take it a step further, add in small foam balls to your slime. The ingredients for this kids slime recipe are as follows:


The foam balls mixed in with your slime will create floam slime! Floam slime is a wonderful type of slime that creates a fun crunchy sensorial experience for your little one. 


Remember, supervision is required at all times when creating these 2 types of slime. 


How to make slime stretchy


To make slime have an extra stretchy effect, I usually add in the right amount of contact eye solution (never go overboard on contact solution). I also add a bit of lotion for an extra stretch. 

how to make stretchy slime for kids

Here is a slime we made using shaving cream! This slime also offers wonderful stretchy slime! 


How to make slime less sticky


The trick we use to make our slime less sticky is to add more of one ingredient. That one ingredient happens to be none other than, contact eye solution! 

how to make slime less sticky

Make sure to not overdo it with contact eye solution as it will make your slime less stretchy and it will break easily. Adding 1 tbs at a time and kneading it in between will improve your slime and restrain it from being sticky. 


Kids Slime Videos


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easy slime recipe for kids

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