Easy Fish Sticky Wall Kids Activity 


fish activity sticky wall indoor kids activity



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This kids activity was so easy to set up and so much fun for my girls. 


A perfect set up for summer (since it is summer currently) but also a fun set up for any time of the year! 


We used tissue paper with this activity but foam sheets, regular construction paper or cut up translucent dividers will work just fine. 


You can talk about the colors, count the fish and seaweed and learn about a certain type of fish with a book to go along with it. 


If you are currently going through an ocean theme or fish theme in your preschool this simple kids activity would work really great. The possibilities are endless. 


I’ll be sharing what I used, how I set this up and all the fun my girls had playing and learning with this kids activity. 





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And, that is all my friends! 


Oh! And youll just need a tray to hold all your pieces. 


We used a plastic Christmas tray I had lying around which was rather large to hold all of the pieces, so any kid-friendly tray that is rather large will do 🙂 



easy fish sticky wall kids activity



Fish crafts for toddlers


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To create this fun ocean themed/aquarium setup I used tissue paper, contact paper and scotch tape on all four sides of the contact paper so it holds it. 


These are the steps I took to create this epic indoor kids activity: 


  • Cut a piece of contact paper. I measured the piece I wanted on the window before cutting it so I knew exactly how big of a piece I could use. 

  • Then, make sure the sticky part is facing you. 

  • Attach four pieces of scotch tape on the four side of the contact paper to the window. 

  • This will hold your contact paper and is the base of this activity. 

  • Then, cut sea life pieces out of tissue paper. 

  • I cut out seaweed, fish, coral, ocean waves and bubbles. 

  • Then, lay the pieces on a tray. 

  • And, last but not least, go at it and press the pieces onto the square to create an epic ocean scene or an aquarium. 

  • My girls had a really fun time with this indoor kids activity. Hope you enjoy it too! 


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Activity wall for toddlers


This indoor kids activity is so much fun for toddlers. 


They can talk about the different colors if you create different colored fish. 


They can count them or talk about small-medium-large. 


You can theme this set of fish crafts in a fun way, tailored to any early learning idea and that’s what is just so awesome about this activity! 


Not only will this wall contact paper activity work for toddlers. 


This wall contact paper activity will also work for preschoolers and for kids. 


I hope you give this fish kids activity a try! 


Leave me a comment down below if you. 🙂



easy fish aquarium sticky wall kids activity




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ocean themed free printable for kids

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