Easy Contact Paper Activity for Toddlers


easy contact paper activities for kids



I love a good contact paper activity


Here’s a contact paper window activity we made for spring that was so much fun


This time around I wanted to include one of our cardboard cutouts with our sticky paper! 


I also wanted to add in a bit of educational play into the mix with this fun kids activity. 


So, I will be sharing below how we went about this activity in a fun play to learn way while having fun and creating a lovely keepsake 🙂 


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These are all of the materials you’ll need and that’s all my friends! 


Easy peasy, right?!




How to use contact paper to create this epic flower craft


This was the cutest little craft ever and it was a perfect and easy spring activity for kids


Here are the steps I took to put this colored contact paper activity together: 


  • I used a marker or pen to draw out a flower on a cardboard cutout. 

  • Note: Something that is helpful is to use a plastic bowl to make the center of the flower and then use that same bowl to create semi circle petals around it. 🙂

  • Then, I used a craft knife to cut the stenciled outlined flower. 

  • Voila, I’m ready to add my contact paper.

  • Measure how much contact paper you will need and add it to the bottom of the cardboard cutout making sure the part you want facing you is the correct part. 

  • Then, you’ll be left with a cardboard cutout flower with contact paper underneath it and it should feel sticky and be readily available to add the colorful pieces to it. 

  • I used a dry erase marker on the opposite side to show my LO where she would add the colorful tissue paper and pom poms..

  • Of course, it can be made for fun and without any direction. Have fun! 



easy contact paper activity for kids



Contact Paper activities for kids


I made this fun contact paper activity into a sort of color mixing activity


I asked her what red and yellow made and pointed in between those two colors to show orange. 


While it did not incorporate color mixing it did sort of show her how the rainbows in betweens are essentially the colors that the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) make when combined. 


Another fun contact paper activity is to add the color names on the non sticky side and have your LO play and learn and add the red tissue paper or pom poms on the red sticky side and so on and so forth. 




Contact paper crafts


Some contact paper crafts we have tried in the past were really fun. Here they are some of our contact paper ideas: 



Have you ever tried a contact paper craft activity? 


Share with me below some paper activities you have tried! I’d love to learn so maybe we can try them out! 🙂


easy contact paper activity for toddlers

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