Easy Color Match Fish Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers


easy color match activity for kids



It’s officially summer time right now and what better way to create a fun and easy learning game – fish themed! 


This easy cardboard activity does not necessarily have to be done with cardboard. 


You can use a craft poster (like we used) or a recycled cereal box.. 


I will go more into detail below about all the items I used for this easy and simple paper fish game! 


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Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 


So, here it is… 




Color matching games for toddlers


Are you looking to create a simple and easy set of fish puzzles? 


This particular one that we tried worked on color matching. 


You can also maybe try a fish counting activity, or a matching shapes activity


For example: Instead of a plain dot sticker, you can write a different number on each. 


Then, write a number on each of the colored fish. 


Your child can match the by numbers instead of by color. 


How neat is that? 


If you are using foam sheets, you can maybe try cutting them into different shapes for a fun set of matching puzzles or color puzzles. 


The possibilities are endless. 


upcycled cardboard activity for kids



Color matching games for preschoolers


Are you looking for active activities for preschoolers or home activities for preschoolers


Try laying out the fish on the floor and hop on the different colored fish. 


Talk about each of the colors together as your LO hops on each of them. 


Another fun set of game activities for preschoolers is to write numbers higher than 5.


Maybe, work on number 5-10 or 5-15.




Activities for circle time for preschoolers


Include a paper clip on each of the fish and use a magnet wand for a set of fishing games free for kids. 


Then, as you collect them, play a fishy count game


This is a wonderful way to incorporate pet fish games for kids (easy peasy, right?)


What other fun fish theme activities can you think of to try out this summer? 


Can you share any fun and interesting activities for preschoolers below that you have tried or are planning to try? 


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Easy art activities preschoolers


This fish theme not only can be used for early learning but it can also incorporate a bit of art. 


Crafty games for kids would look something like this: 


  • Decorate the fishes:

  • Use beads, pom poms and glue or mod podge for fun art games for kids. 

  • Related: Here is a cardboard fish we decorated which can easily work with a foam fish too! 


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easy recycled color match activity

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