Easy and Silky Soft 2 Ingredient Play Dough


2 ingredient playdough recipe tutorial



I really enjoy making homemade playdough for my girls!


Once I am in and mixing, the kitchen is my haven.


My favorite part is coming up with new colors. 😀


Here are some of the playdough recipes I have added to my blog: 



These are just some of the many playdoughs we have made and they are one of my most favorite play ideas. 




How do you make simple playdough?


This time around I made a simple ingredient playdough recipe that was so easy to make! 


I will be sharing below how I made it, how to store it, what you can try with it for an easy activity and more! 


Note: Are you looking for kids activity ideas? Here are over 300 kids activities that may be helpful 🙂 




What are the ingredients for playdough? 





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2 ingredient playdough recipe video tutorial:





How do you make playdough with two ingredients? 


How do you make playdough lotion? 


The steps it took to create this simple homemade playdough are as follows: 


  • Set forth a bowl onto the table. 

  • Then, add 1 cup of cornstarch into the bowl. 

  • Add ½ cup of baby lotion into the bowl

  • If you’d like to add color add a very small amount of icing colors or food coloring. This is optional. 

  • Mix it all together. 

  • Remove it from the bowl and knead the dough on the table until it becomes play dough! 

  • You’ve made a 2 ingredient homemade playdough! Virtual high five!! 




How do you make playdough with flour and lotion? 


I have tried this recipe with flour in replacement of the cornstarch. 


The playdough turned out very grainy and it wasn’t as stretchy. 


If you have flour and are considering making an easy playdough, check out our Koolaid Play dough Recipe + Video Tutorial!



homemade playdough recipe tutorial




How do you make playdough without flour? 


This recipe right here is how to make playdough without flour: 



Easy peasy, silky soft and so much fun! 




How do you make playdough with 3 ingredients? 


3 ingredient playdoughs can look a lot like this 2 ingredient playdough. 


The only difference that makes it a 3 ingredient playdough would be to add the food coloring 🙂 




How do you make playdough soft and stretchy? 


There are three ways that I have tried that will make your playdough soft and stretchy. 


The three items we have used are: 



To see our homemade playdough that incorporates vegetable glycerine and our playdough that incorporates cream of tartar, definitely check those out! 🙂 




Can you make playdough with flour and conditioner? 


We have never tried this method but when if I ever do, I will most definitely be adding it here. 


For a homemade playdough recipe that is closest to this, check out this playdough right here. 




What is cloud dough? 


Cloud dough is very similar to play dough except it crumbles and is so much fun! 


You can make cloud dough for a fun sensory bin, as a winter play to learn activity and as a construction sensory play idea!


Here is our cloud dough recipe




How do you make fake snow with baking soda and cornstarch? 


What a fun and perfect recipe for winter time! 


And if it’s not winter, it’s just a simple and fun recipe that incorporates so many sensorial benefits. 


Here is our faux snow recipe! 🙂 




How do you make scented playdough? 


If you have any of the following, these will help in adding in that scent to your playdough: 

  • Essential oils

  • Scented oils (non toxic)

  • Natural herbs


Please use precaution with these if you choose to use these options and always supervise!


If you enjoyed this simple, silky soft playdough recipe that only involved 2 ingredients please leave me a comment below! 


Tell me, have you ever made homemade playdough before? What was your experience and which recipe did you try?



homemade playdough recipe 2 ingredients

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