Easter Sensory Bin Water Play Activity


easter sensory play water play activity



Setting up a good sensory bin for my girls is probably something we do more than twice a week! 


It’s simple, it’s fun and they play for a really long time! 


I love adding a cute and fun theme to our sensory bins once in a while. 


This time around I themed our sensory bin for – Easter! 


Easter time is always so much fun and is a perfect call for an Easter sensor bin! 


I also made this one fun with a mix of water play within it. 


If you don’t know already, water play is top 5 in our home! 


Somewhat like sensory play it is a piece of sensory play we love and my girls can literally play for hours and hours throughout the day with a simple water bin. 


Note: Looking for a fun water play we tried with our magnet letters? Check out this post right here


I am going to go through all it took (p.s. not very much) to put this simple sensory bin together and how you can go about making it a multi-purpose activity for kids! 





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How to put this simple water play sensory bin together


Here are the steps to create this simple water play sensory bin: 


  • Set your empty bin on the table. 

  • Then, add a bit of water to it. 

  • Mix the water with a bit of kid-friendly soap to create bubbles (optional).

  • Then, place Easter eggs within the water bin.

  • Set a tray aside the bin. 

  • Place scoopers and pouring tools that are kid friendly aside the bin as well.

  • Then, you are ready to scoop/pour and have water play fun right at home! 


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 




Water Play Sensory Activities for Toddlers


This water sensory bin is perfect for toddlers. 


It allows for the benefits of: 



And more.. 


This play set up is perfect for Easter and will help toddlers learn their colors, basic counting skills such as counting from 1-5. 


My girls enjoy playing with the water and scooping the bubbles up. 


Miss 4 enjoyed making me bubble soup with the soapy water. 


She then added two pretend eggs on top and it was a wonderful pretend feast! 




Water Play Sensory Activities for Preschoolers 


Preschoolers can practice all that toddlers play and learn and more! 


Instead of counting from 1-5 eggs they can explore even more numbers. 


What about colors?


They can also learn about colors and color mixing. 


Change the eggs to include two colors on the bottom and top. 


For example, add a yellow top and a blue bottom. 


Talk about what color comes out by adding in one of their green toys. 


This is great for remembering and learning quickly by visually seeing it!


easter sensory bin water activity for kids

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