Easter Egg Sensory Bin for Kids



easter egg sensory bin for kids


Sensory bins


We love them! 


They are filled with benefits, are fun to play with and can literally be altered and themed in whatever season it is at that very moment! 


How cool is that? 


This time around we made a sensory bin – Easter themed! 


It was so much fun and I cannot wait to talk more about how we set this up, what we used and how we put this sensory bin together!


Note: Want to learn the benefits of sensory play and over 100 sensory bin ideas? Check out this post right here





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You can add in anything you feel would work that is safe and fun, really.


I had an empty ice cube tray and adding that right in so my little could use it as stairs to pour the rice down on. 




What age is sensory play for? 


Sensory play can start at around late 3 months and up. 


Hey, I am over 30 years old and love sensory play! 🙂 


But, the difference is that there are different types of sensory play


Babies can benefit from sensory bottles


Since they are constantly putting things in their mouth, the best form of sensory play would be something that is safe and contained. 


We made this really fun sensory bottle which was lots of fun! 


If you decide to create a sensory bag make sure it is taped down and double bagged for no leakage or spills. 



easter egg sensory play for kids



What fun educational games can you try with this Easter sensory bin? 


My LO practiced collecting the easter eggs and placing them in the large tray right next to the bin. 


She used a kitchen scooper to do this. 


It was fun and it also helped her gain the benefits of: 


  • Hand and Eye Coordination

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Stimulation of the senses (balance, sight and hearing)

  • Exploration, imagination and creativity 


And much more.. 


We talked about the colors as she would scoop and pour the Easter eggs


You can also practice counting the Easter eggs. 


I also added funnels for pouring the rice into the cups and a fun empty ice cube tray for pouring the rice into. 


Do you happen to have funnels of different sizes? 


You can also practice small – medium – large and pour a small – medium – large amount of rice into each of the cups that match the size of funnel on it. 


And, in the end she ended up planting her Easter egg “pretend seeds” into a paper plant pot and calling it her garden. 


How creative is that! 


Sensory play I tell ya…


It’s the best! 


It can be fun and educational at the exact same time. 


What fun Easter activities do you have planned this season? 


Leave me a comment below letting me know. Maybe we can try it out too!

easter egg sensory bin for kids

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