Easter Egg Coloring Tape Resist Kids Activity 



Easter egg Coloring Tape Resist Activity for Kids


This tape resist egg was a really fun craft using a FREE printable sheet (below this post) we’ve made this Easter!


It sure is a lovely keepsake once it is finished and can be made into a beautiful card for grandma and grandpa. 🙂


I only needed two items and to be honest these are items most of us have at home already!


I’ll be sharing below what these two household items consist of and how we went about learning with this fun tape resists Easter Egg Coloring page. 


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How to make a Tape Resist Easter Egg 


Here are the steps I took to create our tape resist craft: 


  • Print out the FREE Easter egg printable (You can also draw an egg out on a sheet of paper). 

  • Then, use washi tape to create a tape resist pattern on the egg. 

  • You can try a fun wet chalk tape resist Easter egg (we did not have chalk on hand so we improvised with crayons and our Kwik Stix crayons). 

  • The point of our art and craft Easter Egg Coloring page was to draw over the washi tape. 

  • Then, at the very end we removed our washi tape and noticed the different triangular patterns on the Easter egg coloring page! 

  • And, there you have it! A fun tape resist Easter Egg Activity for Kids! 


easter egg coloring tape resist activity



Tape Resist Easter Egg Painting for Preschool


You can definitely turn this simple craft, educational. 🙂 


Talk about the shapes the tape resist makes! 


Say something like, “The shapes we are seeing today are triangles!” 


Take it a bit further and count them and talk about the colors each of the triangles are made up of. 


Talk about how many are red compared to how many are yellow and so on and so forth. 


For a more advanced approach, removing the tape is also a great activity! 


See if you can find the tape that came first, then second, third and so on… 


Remove them and figure out the puzzle of how to remove them correctly. 🙂 




Colorful Tape Resist Easter Egg Art for Kids


Do you want to turn this into a fun color by code game? 


Once you have applied the washi tape, add numbers or addition/subtraction into each space. 


On the top of the paper or on a separate sheet of paper mark the colors that match the answers/numbers that correspond with what your child will be coloring. 


This is another fun way to play and learn with tape resist art! 


What other fun ways can you think of trying with this simple tape resist art?


easter coloring tape resist activity



Click here for your printable.

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