Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers 


Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers



Spring is one of my most favorite times of year! 


I absolutely love putting together little items for my girls – 


And, I can’t wait to show you some Easter basket ideas for toddlers below! 




What do you put in a 2 year old basket? 


What do you put in an 18 month old Easter basket? 


I’m here to help! 


I love a good Easter basket


There are so many fun easter basket ideas you can go about trying! 


Easter baskets don’t need to be boring or scary. They don’t have to be expensive or filled 80% with candies, chocolates and sugar! 


I love creating an Easter basket for my girls filled with items they are going to use. 


They get excited too! 


It’s fun for them 🙂 




Easter basket for 2 year old children 


The items we love adding into our Easter basket are things they use and enjoy like coloring items, arts and crafts, indoor/outdoor items.. 


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What do you put in a toddlers Easter basket? 


What do you get in an Easter basket?


What should I put in my Easter basket for my 2 year old? 


These are all great questions. 


My girls love a great Easter basket filled with items they can use over and over again. 


Items that are fun and get them hyped up for Spring time. 


I especially adore that these Easter items can be used for a differentiated set of ages. 


They are not just meant for one age only and that is AWESOME!! 


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Toddler Easter basket ideas


So, here is the list of items that are our favorite Easter basket ideas for Toddlers: 


This post contains affiliate links. 




What should I get my toddler for Easter? 


Easter matching eggs

Gardening tool set for kids 

Egg Crayons for Toddlers

Water pad coloring book

Melissa and doug Easel accessory set

Foam rollers for painting

Popsicle trays for smoothie making together

Books about Spring/Easter

Garden Tool set 

Green Toys indoor gardening kit

Toddler straw hat for kids

Sprinkler pad 

Beach sand toys

Washable Watercolor Paints


My First Toddler Coloring Book

Easter socks

Fubbles No spill bubbles 



What can I put in my 2 year olds Easter egg? 


Easter eggs are so much fun, aren’t they? 


They hold surprises within them and the amazing thing about them is that they don’t only need to hold junk like candies and chocolates. 


You can add in nutritious snacks and other fun items within them! 




What do you fill plastic Easter eggs with for toddlers?


What can I fill my Easter eggs with besides candy for toddlers? 


Here is a list of non candy items for Easter eggs for toddlers: 

(Supervision is advised)


  • Raisins

  • Gold fishes

  • Cracker snacks

  • Their small snacks

  • Cereal

  • Rice snacks

  • Bubbles

  • Stickers

  • Squishy toys for toddlers

  • Small coloring pages

  • Ponytail hair ties

  • Bows

  • Playing cards

  • Finger puppets

  • Toddler Puzzle pieces

  • Alphabet magnets

  • Bubbles

  • Fruit snacks

  • Play dough




Share with me below your absolute favorite gifts to add into an Easter Basket for Toddlers below


Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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