Easter Basket Ideas for Kindergarten


Easter Gift Ideas for Kindergarten



Spring is here! 


Easter is upon us! 


What an exciting and fresh new start to the year! 


I love creating Easter baskets for my girls. 


There is something so fun about putting together something that your kids will enjoy and that will bring a smile to their faces 🙂 


What a joy! 


And no, these Easter baskets for Kids I have compiled dont only include sweets and one and done toys. 


They include items your kids will engage with and learn with. 


Some of these items will spark their imagination and creativity! 


I can’t wait to share some of these Easter basket ideas for 5 year olds and Easter basket ideas for 6 year olds below! 


Note: Looking for Easter Basket Ideas for 1 year olds, toddlers and/or preschoolers? Tap the one you are interested in and you will be on your way! 




Easter basket ideas for 5 year old children 


Easter baskets are so fun! 


They don’t need to be boring or full of chocolate. 


They can be fun and full of open ended items your kids will love! 


Hey! Why not add something fun and educational! 


That’s the beauty of Easter baskets


You can create them in whatever way you’d like to make them. 


And, most of the items I will be sharing can work for a differentiated set of ages! 


How cool is that! 


Some of the items I will mention, will grow with your child and that just amazes me, everytime. 


So, I’m here to help you with Easter Basket ideas for kindergarten. 


I’ll be sharing our ideas below. 


Note: Looking for more open ended toys? Check out the best toys for kindergarteners




Easter basket Ideas for Kids

This post contains affiliate links. 


Here are my favorite Easter Basket Ideas for Kindergarten: 


Giant bubble wands kit 

Gardening tool set


Fairy garden kit 


Greenhouse garden kit 


Books about spring by Dr. Seuss 


Watering Can


Seed to Plant book – Early learning science books 


Sidewalk Chalk set 


Decorate water bottle set




Kids Water Camera


Butterfly Kit


Sprinkler splash pad 


Money and coins for learning





Do you have a favorite Easter Basket Idea for Kindergarten you would like to share? 


Leave a comment below letting us know!


Easter Gift Ideas for Kindergarten

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