Easter Basket Ideas for Kids + 100+ Non Candy Easter egg Fillers for Kids Printable + Free Printable


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Can you smell it? 


Spring is in the air! 


And, Easter is coming very soon. 


How exciting! 


I love a good Easter Basket


I love making them, handing them over to my children and receiving a smile in return. 


It is one of the most cherished and loving feedback I can get back from my children as a mother. 


It fills me with joy and love and all the feels! 


Easter baskets are so fun to make too! 


How cool is it that you can create it in any way you like! 


It doesn’t have to be all the same. 


Or look like any other. 


It can be made to work just right for your kids with the items they are into at that point in time. 


You can add their favorite color or their favorite snack within it. 


I’m here to share Easter basket ideas for Kids: 





Kids Easter baskets don’t have to be boring or full of sweets


Easter baskets can be filled with items your children already use right at home. 


Hey! Spring is here which means outdoor play! 


It can include items that work for the start of spring and work their way right into summer. 


Arts and crafts are great for kids to explore and ignite their imagination and spark creativity. 


1 year olds can open a big egg to their favorite rice cereal snack (with supervision of course) 


How fun is that! 


There are so many fun ideas and items you can add into an Easter Basket or an Easter egg for kids that don’t have to include chocolate or candies (only) or at all! 


I’m excited to share these ideas with you and learn the ideas you will be trying also. 


Just tap the images below and they will take you directly to the Easter Basket for Kids Ideas.


Note: Looking for more open ended toys that inspire creativity and imagination? Check out the list of the toys we love!




Easter basket ideas


Here are the Easter gifts by ages even though most will work well for a differentiated set of ages: 


Tap on the image that you’d like to learn more about.



Easter Basket Ideas for 1 year olds

Easter Gift Ideas for 1 year olds


Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers


Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers


Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers


Easter Gift Ideas for Preschool


Easter Basket Ideas for Kindergarteners

Easter Gift Ideas for Kindergarten



100+ Non Candy/Chocolate Easter Egg Fillers 

100+ Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers - Active Littles


Would you be interested in the above image as a printable?




Note: Also, here is a FREE egg printable for you as well. 🙂  I hope you have a wonderful Easter and are surrounded by love, health and all the good things! 



What are your favorite Easter Basket Ideas for Kids? Leave me a comment below letting us know! 🙂


Easter Gift Ideas for for kids-2

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