Easter Basket Ideas for 1 year olds


Easter Gift Ideas for 1 year olds


It’s that time of year again! 


When pastels are back, pretend eggs are filled with goodies, and all the flowers are blooming again! 


I think spring is one of our very favorite seasons!


I get so excited about it every year and love creating their Easter baskets


So, I am here to share ideas on Easter baskets for babies! 


Note: If you are looking for Easter basket ideas for toddlers, check out this post right here




What do you put in a 1 year old Easter basket? 


I love a good Easter basket!


Creating them is something I’ll treasure for as long as I am living. 


But, one thing I will say is that I love adding items I know my kids will use, not one and done toys, and a good, hearty usable item! 


For this very reason, I love adding items I know they’ll use and need more of like arts and crafts and indoor/outdoor items they’ll use that are themed for this time of year – Spring!


What I love about these Easter Basket Ideas for Babies is that some of these toys/ Spring items for kids can be used for a differentiated set of ages. 


Love, love, love multi-purpose activities! 


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What do you get a 1 year old for Easter? 


Here are my very favorite Easter basket ideas for kids:


This post contains affiliate links. 


Books about Spring/Easter

Baby Spoon and Fork 

Wooden educational toys


Teether themed for spring

Bubble mower

Water mat

Easter basket stuffed animals

Stacking cups bath toys

Spring puzzles

Plush Playset

Easter Booties 

My First Coloring Book 


What do you put in a 1 year old Easter egg? 



Here are some ideas for non-candy Easter egg fillers: 

(Please be sure to supervise with smaller items while also making sure they are meant and bigger items for babies) 


Baby Squishy toys

Baby Toy cars 

A coloring page 


Egg paint filled with taste safe paint for the coloring page


What other ideas can you think to fill into a 1 year old Easter egg? 




What are your very favorite Easter Basket Ideas for 1 year olds?


Easter Gift Ideas for 1 year olds


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