Earth Day Sensory Bin for Kids


earth day sensory bin



Have you checked out our Earth Day sensory bag


If you haven’t yet, you are in for a double treat with both of these. 


This Sensory bin is. So. Much. Fun! 


Both my girls have been playing with it here and there throughout the day. 


I included recycled bottle caps for a fun fine motor activity which I’ll share more about below. 🙂


It sure has been a real treat and a great lesson to teach on Earth day about recycling and keeping our Earth clean! 


Note: If you are looking for more Earth Activities, check out this Layers of the Earth Playdough we made that was really fun and a great educational experience for kids! 





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earth day sensory play



How I put together Sensory Play Activity


This activity was easy peasy to put together. 


I usually color our uncooked rice, beans, pasta using only two ingredients: 



However, this time around I did not have hand sanitizer on hand. 


So, I winged it and colored our lima beans using acrylic paint only and IT WORKED!! 


Do I even need hand sanitizer? 


I still will use it as I like to think it gets the flow going. 🙂 


However, if you don’t have any on hand, you can color your uncooked lima beans without it! 




Earth Day Sensory Bin for Kids Video Below


Toddler Sensory Activities for Earth Day 


A great way for toddlers to gain sensory benefits is to add a sensory bin to their play


To learn more about the benefits of sensory play, I’ve a post here with over 100 sensory bin ideas as well! 


Just adding a sensory bin with colored beans is all you will need. 


You can talk about the colors – green and blue. 


Maybe even talk about how our world is made up of water and plants! 


Include their toy animals and see if they can differentiate which animals live in water and which animals live on land. 🙂 


These are great ways to explore Earth with Toddlers. 


What other fun ways can you think of trying out with this Earth’s day sensory bin for toddlers? 




Preschool Sensory Activities for Earth Day


A fun and easy way to incorporate this fun sensory bin with your preschooler can be to add recycled bottle caps. 


This is how we used this sensory bin for play and learning


I provided a fine motor tool and my LO used it to remove the plastic from the Earth sensory bin! 


You can talk about the bottle cap colors and count them for a fun educational approach. 


Bring in their toy animals to also talk about which animals live on land and which live in the water. 


What other fun ways can you think of using this fun Earth’s Day Sensory bin?


earth day sensory play for kids

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