Earth Day Sensory Bag for Kids


earth day sensory bag for kids



Sensory play is top 5 in our home! 


It is just one of those types of play that allow children to explore, use their imagination and play to learn if you’d like to add that into the mix. 


You can theme it for whatever season it is, theme it with something educational your child is learning at the moment and just make it really fun! 


I love creating sensory bags/bottles that include water beads for my girls. 


Here are some of our previous water bead sensory bags/bottles that we have created: 



We really enjoyed these sensory bags filled with water beads! 


So, this time around I wanted to incorporate a recycled sensory bag for Earth Day! 


This is a great recycled play activity that allows for your zip lock bags to be repurposed for play! 


I’ll share below all we used and how we went about this simple sensory play activity for kids. 


Note: Looking for a sensory bag with sprinkles for learning to write? This sprinkle bag sure was a fun activity! 





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And, there you have it! All the easy peasy tools you’ll need to create this epic sensory bag for Earth Day! 


Note: If you do not have clear water beads, you can always use green and blue water beads and just skip the paint! 🙂 



earth day water bead sensory bag



How do you make a sensory bag for kids?


Here are the steps I took to put together this simple Earth water bead sensory bag: 


  • I used two cardboard cutouts with a hole in one only. 

  • You can make the hole in the center of one of the cutouts with a craft knife. 

  • Then, I set these aside. 

  • Open your ziplock bag and insert your water beads. 

  • You can measure how much you’d like by testing the circle cutout on top of it. 

  • Note: Make sure to leave a bit of space so the water beads are easy to move around with your hands. 

  • If you are using green and blue water beads you do not need to use paint. 

  • However, if you are not, then add a bit of green and blue paint on opposite sides of the bag. 

  • Then close it tightly shut leaving no air. 

  • Use tape to place and secure your bag on the cardboard cutout. 

  • Then use a hot glue gun to close the cardboard cutout with the circular cardboard cutout right on top. 

  • You should have something that looks like the video below. 

  • Move it around and shake it, press gently on it. 




Earth Day Sensory Bag Video Tutorial Below



You can learn about color mixing in this way. 


Learn about Earth’s colors and what they are on Earth. 


Blue means the water. 


And, green means the land. 


Have you tried making a sensory bag before? 


Did you enjoy it? Leave me a comment below 🙂


sensory bag for earth day

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