Duck and Frog Pond Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschool


frog and duck pond sensory bin



I love incorporating activities with themes! 


This sensory bin is perfect for spring and summer. 


It has a bit of both – ducks and frogs – but can totally be improvised to only include either or. 


I’ll be sharing below how easy this play pond was to make. 


I used one of our favorite sensory tables – the IKEA Flisat Table. 


But, you can definitely also use two sterilite bins side by side. 


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duck pond sensory bin for kids



How to make duck pond


How to build a duck pond for sensory play..


And a frog pond! 🙂 


It’s really simple, really! 


All you will need are two bins to add water into. 


Then add a drop or two of food coloring. 


Mix it around. 


Last but not least add your duck pond toy to the water. 


So easy! 


And your little will be gaining the benefits of sensory play, enjoy water play, learn about the color yellow and blue (the color of the water) and maybe even counting if you have more than one duck! 🙂 




Duck activities for toddlers


Here are some duck pond ideas you can try with a bag of rubber ducks:


  • Add them into a fun sensory play set up like we did. 

  • Use them for bathtime and learn to count while taking a bath. 

  • Place painters tape onto a table and line the rubber ducks in a row. 


These are some ideas you can try with a rubber ducky bag you can get at your local Target or Store. 



frog pons sensory bin for kids


Pond crafts for preschoolers


What about crafts? 


Instead of making this sensory play and water play you can create a simple duck craft by using the foam sheets! 


Cut little puddles with the foam sheets and create a fun little duck pond craft with them so your little can use their rubber ducks to place on the foam puddles. 


You can use pond frog rubber toys to create a simple frogs pond by cutting a green foam square into a set of lily pads. 


Glue them onto a sheet of paper and place the rubber toy frogs onto them as a fun small world play and pond for frogs!




How to make a frog pond


You can create a simple frog pond small world play much like the duck pond sensory play I mentioned up above: 


  • Insert water into a bin. 

  • Then, cut foam sheets into lily pads and insert these into the water bin. 

  • Add the rubber frog toys right in and have fun playing in the pond!


This little frog aquarium is so much fun and can be used in a preschool frog theme.


We like to use a sterilite bin or our flisat table but you can definitely try smaller containers to make a rubbermaid pond.



duck and frog pond sensory bin

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