DIY Watermelon Slime Recipe for Kids


diy watermelon slime


Slime is such a fun substance to play with! 


No wonder kids are all about making slime


I can’t tell you how many times my oldest has asked me to make slime for her when she was 4 years old. 


She eventually learned how to make it on her own and I’m not even kidding, she makes it all of the time. 


It’s that easy! 


Related: This is the slime she makes all of the time and it is an easy slime recipe without borax! 


This time around, I made a slime with water because I heard water helps with a bit more elasticity. 


So, we made it and I must say it’s a very nice elastic slime recipe. 🙂 


I’ll be sharing below all we used to make it and how we tailored it for summer time! 





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This is similar to our 3 ingredient slime recipe but it includes water, food coloring and a bit of uncooked black beans to make for a – watermelon theme for preschoolers! 


watermelon slime for kids



DIY Watermelon Slime Recipe: How to


This non toxic slime recipe is so much fun! 


It is borax free slime. 


What activates it then? 


The contact eye solution. 


It contains small traces of boric acid which in turn activates the slime. 


Here are the slime information details on how I made this diy slimy slime recipe kids can enjoy this summer:


  •  Add glue. water , contact eye solution and food coloring into a bowl. 

  • Mix it. 

  • Then, once you have created your slime, add in your uncooked black beans. 

  • Mix it. 

  • You’ve made watermelon slime! 


Tip: Do you have watermelon scraps? 


You can add the slime into the watermelon scrap as a fun bowl to mix in and play with! 


Another tip: I normally make our slime without water but as I mentioned above, I added it in this time for more elasticity! 


Super fun and my sweet slime came out awesome with the help of my little girls!! 


DIY Watermelon Slime for Kids Video Below




How to make colored slime


Colored slime is nothing more than adding a bit of food coloring, pigment or choosing glue that is already a certain color! 


These are all different methods on how you can color your slime while incorporating a 3 ingredient slime recipe. 




How to make foam slime


Foam slime is so easy to make and the secret ingredient to make it foamy and puffy is non other than – shaving cream! 


I don’t think Ive ever made a post on our fluffy slime but you can definitely find it on my IG page. 


Here are the details and the DIY Foam slime recipe: 


  • ⅔ cup of glue (preferably white glue)

  • ½ tsp baking soda 

  • ¼ cup of water

  • 1 ½ cups shaving cream

  • ⅜ cup contact lens solution

  • 1 squirt tsp of food coloring/pigment (optional)

  • Glitter (optional)


This foamy slime recipe makes the fluffiest slime and it is so much fun for kids!


Foamy slime recipe crafts and activities are great as a summer activity! 


I hope you enjoyed these slime crafts and try them out!



diy watermelon slime

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