DIY Washi Tape Maze for Kids


Holiday Washi Tape Toy Car Maze DIY 



What a fun little game for the holidays!


This was a total hit and we took it outdoors! 


If it’s really cold where you are at, it’s okay and it will work really well as an indoor activity


All you really need to make this is one special item. 


Washi tape


That’s it! 


Nothing to it. 


Just add tape and use the little toy cars for some super duper fun! 


If you are looking for holiday gift ideas for 1 year olds, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners this season, I’ve compiled a giant list for each. Just click through to the one you are looking for and you’ll be on your merry way! 



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Super easy. Nothing to it. You’ve got this! 



Washi tape Ideas for kids


I chose to create a fun maze for them using washi tape!


It was made specifically for their toy cars. 


But they can use any other toy in their toy room they want to imagine little ideas up with! 


If you do not have a board, the floor will work just as well! 


In fact the floor, in my opinion, will work REALLY well. 


You can add in a Grimms rainbow to create a fun imaginative village. 


Or some Grimms rocks and trees to add to the village. 


How fun is that?! 


So many fun ways to go about this open ended play, it’s incredible! 



10 fun washi tape games for kids 


  • Create a maze like we did for a fun imaginative car track. 

  • Create a maze for fun just to see where it goes! 

  • Make shapes with washi tape for some fun learning about shapes! 

  • Add a box made of washi tape for collecting things around the house (perfect for cleanup time!)

  • You can also use washi tape below a sensory bag

  • Use washi tape to make letters for letter matching with letter magnets

  • Use washi tape to create an indoor I-Spy Game

  • Washi tape is also great for making art!

  • Add washi tape to a craft stick to create a fun puzzle. 

  • Lastly, washi tape is wonderful for a fun sticky wall activity!



What other fun ideas and games can you think of using washi tape for? 




Will you give this DIY Washi Tape Maze a try?



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Holiday Washi Tape Toy Car Maze DIY 

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