DIY Sticker Seek and Find Games


diy sticker seek and find games for kids


I love DIY activities! 


Creating them is just so much fun and fulfills you with a wholesome “I made that” feeling!


And it is incredibly fulfilling when you make something special for your children. 


Especially if it’s easy too! 


Well, today’s activity my friends, was super easy to make, can be used as a simple busy bag activity to be taken on the go, and is just so, so special and fun! 


It involved items you already own at home and how cool is that!


It’s a simple seek and find game! 


Who else’s littles love search and find games? 


I’ll be sharing below how easy this sticker game that involves seek and found activities was to make! 


Note: If you are looking for another fun and easy DIY activity for kids, go here! 





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  • Paper Plates or a sheet of paper (whichever works best!) 🙂 

  • Stickers (You can purchase double of the stickers or use our 126 animals and more cards or 110 colors and more cards printables)

  • And, that my friends, is it! 😀


So easy right? 


Do you have all of the materials? Probably so. 




Search and find games for kids


Here are the steps I took to create these seek find games: 


  • I made sure to use a different theme on each of the plates. 

  • So, for instance there was a transportation, spring, summer and food items set of plates for this fun look and find games activity. 

  • I created sticker games by adding the stickers onto the plates and then going about some fun seek and find games for kids. 

  • We used our 126 animals and more printable cards to search for items on the plates. 

  • Once we found them we moved onto the next sticker and so on and so forth! 


That’s really all there is to it! 


Create a seek and find has never been easier with this set of sticker crafts! 


diy seek and find game for kids



Seek & find games


Here are some seek and find games you can try using this easy sticker craft activity: 


  • Not only is this activity just a seek and found game. You can practice beginning letter sounds and colors! 

  • Counting is also a fun way to go about learning numbers with this sticker homemade activity. 

  • Practice different food groups, transportation vehicles, seasons, day and night activities for kids, color activities for kids…

  • The possibilities are endless! 


If you are practicing beginning sounds say the letter sound of each item you are about to seek and find.


This is a wonderful way to incorporate learning through play or play based learning. 


It is such an amazing activity for having fun while learning


What other fun ways do you incorporate find and seek games for kids at home? 


Have you tried using DIY stickers and a sheet of paper or paper plates before for a seek and find project for kids? 


How did it go? I’d love to hear your experience.


Please share with me below and maybe we can give it a try too!


diy sticker seek and find games for preschool

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