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This DIY Noodle Shape Threading activity is super easy to make. It is one that your kids will love! Its perfect for practicing fine motor skills, shapes, colors, counting, and so much more!


Shape Noodle Threading DIY for KidsShape Noodle Threading DIY for Kids


Using noodles in play is one of our favorite materials we use to make fun activities at home. It’s quick to make, inexpensive, filled with developmental benefits, and all around fun!


Lately, my littlest Active Little has been showing interest in Shapes and Colors. It is quite fascinating to her. So, here I am creating a wonderful, eco-friendly craft for her to use in learning her shapes and colors. In turn, my oldest loved helping me out in threading the ribbon! What a fun way to utilize those fine motor skills.


Shape Noodle Threading DIY for KidsShape Noodle Threading DIY for Kids

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Noodle Shape Threading

Items Needed to Make Noodle Shape Threading:

Watch This Video to See How We Made Our DIY Noodle Shape Threading/Lacing for kids:




  1. Use scissors (adult only) to cut out square/rectangular shapes from the empty cardboard box. Make sure to cut them out big enough for other shapes (star, heart, triangle…)  to be cut out from them.
  2. Use a Sharpie/Pen to create different shapes within the cardboard you cut out. I made a heart, triangle, square, rectangle and a circle. Move the left over scraps out of the way.
  3. Use Hot glue gun (parents only) to add glue lines on the edges of the shapes. This is where you will insert the noodles. Make sure to leave space for easy ribbon/lacing insertion.
  4. Once all the noodles are intact and stuck to the cardboard, cut out a piece of ribbon. Depending on how big your cardboard pieces are is how you can figure out how much you will need. You can also try using shoe laces. These will work quite beautifully!
  5. Insert your ribbon/lace into each hole of the noodles to create shapes
  6. Play and Learn!



Parental supervision is advised as with all my recipes, play activities, and DIY crafts.

This craft can be kept for a very long time. If the noodles have been immensely played with they may unstick from the cardboard, but will be caught by the ribbon/shoe lace making for a wonderful necklace. My Kindergartner loved this. Open ended play at its best!

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Bear with me as I add in more pasta ideas


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DIY Shape Noodle Lacing Threading Activity

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