DIY Sensory Bags for Kids using laminating pouches and FREE Shape Printable 


free shape printable with diy sensory bag using laminating pouches


We love putting together sensory bags


To see some of our previous sensory bags, I’ll post them here: 



Sensory bags are great! 


You can theme them for whatever season it is. 


Use them to learn about colors. 


Learn letters and the alphabet with sensory bags. 


For a calming activity for kids


As a pretend fishy environment with blue food coloring and small aqua toys. 


What other fun ideas can you think of with a sensory bag? 


So, this time around I used something a little different than an actual zip lock bag. 


I used laminating sheets!


And, I themed them – shapes for preschool. 


I’ll be sharing below exactly what I used, how I put these together and what great learning games you can try with them. 


Note: If you’d like to check out one of our most popular sensory bags, here is our rainbow sprinkle sensory bag for kids





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DIY Sensory Bags for Kids Video Below:



How do you make sensory bag with laminating pouches: 


Here are the steps I took to put these shape sensory bags together: 


  • Print out the free shapes printable. 

  • Use the shapes on that sheet as stencils to trace shapes onto your laminating sheet. 

  • Once, your laminating sheet is filled with shapes, cut the shapes. 

  • You should be left with 2 shapes of each. Why? Because a laminating sheet contains two sheets connected together at the edge. 

  • Use a hair iron (adult us only) to seal the edges of the shape leaving a space to insert the water beads. (Note: the thicker the sealed line the more secure it is)

  • Let them cool down a bit. 

  • Then, insert water beads with a funnel or with your hands. 

  • Close up the shape by ironing the last little space. 

  • Leave it to cool down on the side. 

  • Voila! Your early learning shapes sensory bags for preschool are ready to go! 


diy sensory bag with free printable


Sensory bags for Preschoolers 


These sensory bags are a bit different than we usually make them. 


I didn’t use a zip lock bag like I usually do. 


This time around I made a homemade sensory bag with laminating pouches


Shapes is something we are learning more and more about at the moment with my preschooler, so I made shape sensory bags with laminating pouches. 


If you’d like to use colorful water beads, they sell them and you can even turn this set of shape sensory bags into a color activity for kids too! 


Talk about multi-purpose activity! 


You can count the sensory shapes and talk about how many sides each of the shapes have. 


Did you print out the shape printable for kids or did you DIY the shapes yourself? 


If you printed out the FREE shapes printable, the shapes can be used to color on. 


My girls have both enjoyed this activity and thereafter they used the shapes printable as coloring pages! 


I love multi-purpose activities that keep going and going – like that energizer bunny! 😀


Enjoy friends! Happy Learning!


diy sensory bag for kids

Click here for your printable.

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