DIY Play to Learn Shape Cards


My three year old loves learning about shapes, colors, and counting… so I made her this to help!


We started learning about shapes and colors with my then almost 4 year old when my youngest was born.


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To say she has grown up with play to learn activities is an understatement. I am in so into watching them as they learn while playing. It is very cool seeing when they ‘get it’. So how do you “help” a little one to learn while playing?


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How this simple activity became a “multi-use learning game”


My  3 year old loves learning about the different shapes, colors, numbers, and letters after seeing her older sister learn about them.


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To help her out a bit more, I decided to create a play idea that she could use as a “magnifying glass” to look for certain colored toys. She could also say the shape of the “magnifying glass” she would use.


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This will help her play and learn at the same time!







Here’s what I used to put this play idea all together:




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I cut out the shapes from a poster board and transparent folder inserts.



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The hot glue gun was used to glue the pieces together and create a magnificent shape kids activity!


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She loved playing this Shape Game!


She can use these for learning her shapes, colors and counting. You can even write on the see through folders with a dry erase marker.


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There are so many ways you can go about these!






What other skills is she learning here?


This isn’t just about learning shapes. Here are all the skills my daughter is learning from this one simple activity:


  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Hand eye coordination

  • Independent playing

  • Conentration skills

  • Counting, Stacking, Finding

  • Searching for colors

home preschool







Shape Cards may seem a bit simple… it’s anything but simple!


This one activity is very powerful and can do a whole lot of good fun learning for my toddler







Will you try making these Play to Learn Activity Cards out?

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