DIY Learning Activities Box for Preschool and Kindergarten

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I recently purchased a storage for my children’s markers, crayons, and so on… It was on clearance and it was a great deal to turn up!


These tools were stored in crayon boxes before. So, I was left with school pencil boxes that were essentially left, empty. 

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Coming up with DIY ideas is my thing. So, I took the empty crayon boxes and creating a fun way for them to practice their abc’s, 123’s, shapes… 


My girls are 3 and 6, so I wanted to come up with some early learning activities that would work well for both of them. And, I succeeded. Yay!

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Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Activities


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That’s it! 


Open your crayon box. Remove the tape on your magnet to expose the sticky part.

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Place your magnet strip or buttons on the inner lid of your crayon box. This is the area where your magnets will be placed.

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Add your magnets within the box and close it for easy storing. Open it up for easy learning! 

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Math Activities for Preschoolers

One way I used this with my preschooler was to practice numbers 1-5. A basic set of numbers is all that’s really needed for little learners. 


You can practice placing the numbers on the magnets and counting aloud so your preschooler hears you. Singing a tune to the numbers 1-5 is also a great learning experience.

Fun tip: Add a magnet wand for some number fishing. This is great fine motor skills practice. 


Math Activities for Kindergarten

With a kindergartener, you can choose a more advanced approach. Practice with numbers 1-20 and beyond. 


Skip counting, even/odd numbers, and counting by 10’s, 20’s and so forth… are all great number games you can try. Add in addition/subtraction into the mix for a more advanced lesson.

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What other number activities can you come up with? I’d love to learn so we can try it!


Color Activities for Preschool

Usually, the magnets you purchase will come in different colors. This is great, because you can use this hack in not only learning about numbers/letters, but in learning colors too! 


One way I like to teach colors is by adding the colors of the rainbow. Turn it into a song for simple learning. 


Example: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue don’t forget there is a purple too… This is a wonderful way to learn the colors quickly by turning it into a tune.


Shape Activities for Preschool

Magnet shapes usually bring the basic shapes like rectangle, triangle, circle… This is perfect for a preschooler so they can learn about the different shapes. 

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Practice the color of the shape as well. Or try counting the shapes. These are all great for a wonderful preschool learning experience. 


Early Literacy for Kindergarten

Letter Magnets are great for not only learning the alphabet, but learning to create words. You can practice the alphabet and their letter sounds. 

number activities for preschoolers

Once that is accomplished, practice creating words. Try adding letters to the box to create your child’s name. 

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You can also add the vowels to practice learning each vowel and their letter sounds. 


Then try adding a consonant in front of a vowel such as: ba, ca, da… This will allow for a starting point in learning how to read.

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Preschool Learning Activities – Letters

Learning the letters is a fun experience, especially if you turn it into a song. I enjoy turning the letters into a song for my preschooler. 

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I’ll add A and then say apple. Then, I’ll add B and say, Bee. These are all little ways to teach your little preschooler how to get into understanding that each letter is different and has a different sound to it. 

Will you give this DIY Learning Activities Box a try?

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