DIY Kinetic Sand Slime Recipe for Kids


DIY kinetic sand slime recipe for kids


This DIY Kinetic sand recipe is very fun! 


It’s a mix between DIY kinetic sand and slime.


What a cool mixture! 


This Kinetic Sand DIY sand slime recipe is a borax free slime and can be used in a fun small world play like we did for an ocean theme this summer. 


My girls enjoyed adding in their ocean themed toys into this DIY ocean themed sensory bin! 


This is a great small world play whether you are trying this in a school setting or if you are just right at home. 🙂 


I will be sharing below how I made this slime and all I used along with some fun play ideas you can try with your preschoolers and for kids. 





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DIY kinetic sand slime



How to make coloured kinetic sand


Note: If you are using regular color craft sand, you can add a squirt or two of food coloring to color your sand. 


Also, if it’s too sticky keep adding contact lens solution as this is what makes it all come together. 


The mix between contact solution and cornstarch is needed if you have added an over amount of contact solution. 



How to make Kinetic Sand Slime Recipe Below




How to make colored slime


To make this slime colorful you can use craft sand that is colored already. 


If you are looking for an easy slime recipe that you can color using food coloring, definitely check out this slime recipe which is easy and food coloring or glitter can be incorporated to color your slime! 



Kinetic sand recipe


If you are looking for a recipe on how to make kinetic sand the idea is very simple. 


Instead of incorporating the glue and contact solution as we did in this kinetic sand slime recipe which is what is used to make this slime, you can omit it. 


Instead try these ingredients in kinetic sand recipe: 



This is the easiest kinetic sand recipe you’ll ever make! 


And, if you’d like to make it taste safe, just add a bit of flour in replacement of the craft sand.


Make sure to preheat your oven and add it in for a couple of minutes to remove any bacteria in the flour. 


Important: Let it cool off on the table before it is used for play. 




How to make borax free slime


Here is a non toxic slime recipe that we made last year.


It is stretchy, fun and oh so simple! 


What makes slime stretchy?


There are three ingredients I like to use sometimes to make our slime stretchy and they are: 



How to make stretchy slime? 

How to make stretchy slime?


These are great add-ons to making slime stretchy! 


Do you have any other ideas that helped your slime become stretchier? 




Fun things to do with slime


The wonderful thing about making slime is that you can create something fun with it! 


This time around we made an ocean small world play out of it. 


But, you can try a fun DIY watermelon slime recipe or anything you’d like really. 


With a bit of imagination and creativity anything is possible.


Are you creating a farm small world play


Try creating a brown slime that can be used in a farm small world play as pretend mud! 


The possibilities are truly endless!


diy kinetic sand slime recipe

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