DIY Fish Pipe Cleaner Color Matching Activity


ocean themed pipe cleaner color matching activity



I can’t tell you enough how much I love creating simple early learning ideas and crafts using none other than – a craft poster! 


There are literally so many fun ideas you can try with a poster board and the possibilities are truly endless! 


Because it’s summer time, I decided to go with a fish themed activity that could work for both my girls (a differentiated set of ages). 


My youngest enjoyed practicing color matching and my oldest enjoyed practicing her addition/subtraction in a fun Montessori approach


I’ll be sharing below how I put together this simple activity and how easy it was to create something fun while learning through play! 


Related: Here is the fish themed activity I tried with my oldest to learn about addition/subtraction in a fun way! 





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And, that my friend is all there is to it! 




How to make stuff out of pipe cleaners


Pipe cleaners remind me of the clown at the party who creates epic balloons except it’s way easier with pipe cleaners! 


I try to create fun and easy ideas that are educational using pipe cleaners.


This time around I made a fish using the pipe cleaners. 


I must say, creating a fish is VERY easy! 🙂 


Here are the steps I took to create our pipe cleaner activities fishes: 


  • Fold your pipe cleaner in half. 

  • Then, cross the ends over to create a fish tail. 

  • Close of the fish tail by combining both ends and twisting them together. 

  • Voila! Easy peasy pipe cleaner fish! 




Colour activities for preschoolers


We’ve made many different preschool color activities for my girls


Here are some off the top of my head: 



And these are just a few awesome ones! 


This time around I incorporated a fish ocean themed activity with a matching colours activity for my youngest! 



ocean themed pipe cleaner activity


Color matching games for preschoolers


Here are the steps I took to make a fish game matching activity for my preschooler: 


  • Use the pipe cleaner fish as stencils for your poster board. 

  • Then, use a sharpie or marker to stencil them out. 

  • Then add dot stickers of the same color of the pipe cleaners (for matching) into each of the fish on the poster board. 

  • Your activity is ready to play and learn with! 


This simple set of matching activities is a great way for preschoolers to learn about colors in a fun way! 


Do you know of any other preschool activities colors and more ideas for kids that maybe you have tried before or are looking into trying out? 


Leave me a comment below letting me know! Maybe, we can try it out too. 




Toddler color activities


Toddlers can also enjoy matching the fish to the poster board. 


Here is another fun play to learn activity that I put together for my toddler that incorporated a bit of water play and early learning with the color blue. 


You can tailor it to any color your toddler is learning at the moment. 


But, the point is to learn colors while playing! 🙂



ocean themed pipe cleaner activity

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