DIY Baby Paint 3 ways using Yogurt 


diy edible baby paint for babies


I love creating fun DIY activities for my kids. 


It’s always so much fun knowing that what they are playing with is something homemade. 


Here are some examples of homemade toys we have made: 



These are just some of many DIY ideas for kids we have loved! 


This time around, I decided to make edible toddler paint! 


It not only will work for toddlers, but babies too! 




How to make paint without food coloring


I’ve made this edible paint for babies using yogurt. 


And, I’ve also colored this infant yogurt idea using three different methods. 


I’ll be sharing below how to make paint for babies – using yogurt! 🙂  


Note: Looking for a fun homemade playdough using coconut oil? Check out this post right here! 



paint for babies




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First Method: Edible paint for babies



Second Method: Edible paint recipe for babies


  • Plain yogurt for baby

  • Koolaid ½ Teaspoon


Third Method: How to make paint without food coloring



Note: I will explain below how to get the coloring from sprinkles as a method for coloring infant yogurt. 


Remember, that you can also create different colors by natural food such as blueberries, raspberries…



How to make Edible Baby Paint video below




How to make edible paint for toddlers


Food friendly paint for toddlers isn’t hard to make! 


In fact, it’s as easy as mashing bananas for a baby/toddler snack.


But, instead, use yogurt and add your color to it and mash and mix away! 


Let’s go into the steps! 



painting for babies



How to make safe paint for babies using yogurt and food coloring – First method: 


  • I placed 3 drops of food coloring into a bowl of baby yogurt. 

  • Mix with a spoon. 

  • As soon as the colors are all mixed together to create a color, your safe paint is ready to be played with by your little yogurt baby! 🙂 


baby paint homemade



How to make paint for babies using koolaid – Second Method: 


  • Place ½ teaspoon of koolaid into a bowl of baby yogurt. 

  • Mix with a spoon. 

  • As soon as the colors are mixed very well together, your edible kids paint is ready to go! 🙂


homemade baby paint


How to make paint using sprinkle coloring – Third Method: 


  • Add ball sprinkles into a plate and add a bit of warm/hot water. 

  • Mix with a spoon until the water becomes the color of the sprinkles. 

  • Then, use a colander to catch the sprinkles as you insert the colored water into the bowl with yogurt. 

  • I used about 3-4 ½ teaspoons. 

  • Mix the colored sprinkle water and yogurt together until the yogurt is one color. 

  • Voila! You have made colored homemade yogurt for babies which can be used to paint with. 


edible paint for baby



Can babies have yogurt?


Babies don’t need to consume dairy other than their mothers milk or formula until later in their first year (we’re talking 9-12 months). 


Yogurt is cultured, contains probiotics and is mostly okay to drink after the age of 6-8 months depending on different cases (allergy to milk…)




Can babies eat regular yogurt


When I am choosing a yogurt for my LO, I usually go for organic yogurts with less preservatives and that contain wholesome, minimal ingredients.


I also keep in mind that around 9-12 months, I am giving my LO the best wholesome types of babies yogurt.


Greek yogurt for babies is also okay as it is a great introductory food as the baby begins transitioning into solids. 


All in all, these are the types of yogurts I go for, for babies and the ones I use with our painting recipe(s).


I hope you enjoyed this easy peasy colouring for babies ideas post and that you try edible paint baby ideas as a fun indoor kids activity!


edible paint for babies

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