DIY Crafts For Kids for Early Learning



diy crafts for kids for early learning



Creating fun DIY crafts and activities for my girls is so much fun! 


This one was so easy to put together and it involved a bit of early learning


Do you like recycling items for play


Maybe saving a toilet paper roll for a fun recycled activity for kids, like we tried here? 


What fun activities have you tried with recycled items? 


This simple and fun diy was so easy to put together, I’ll be sharing below exactly how I made it, what I used and how we went about learning through play with it! 


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Seriously, that’s all you’ll need!! 




Craft activities for kids


So, this simple activity required only a couple of ingredients as seen above. 


I’ve been eyeing our playdough containers for quite some time now.


I knew I could make a simple and easy craft with them that incorporated learning colors! 


I’ll share here how I put this simple diy crafts for kids together: 


  • Grab the top of your recycled play doh containers. 

  • Use a craft knife to make a hole right in the center of the top (adults only). 

  • Then, close the tops onto the play dough container and voila…

  • You’ve made a simple DIY craft for early learning!

  • Set out a plate full of the same colored pom poms so your LO can match them to its correct colored container.



DIY Recycled Play Pom Pom Color Activity for Kids Video




Color Learning Activities for Kids


Toddlers and preschoolers can practice learning their colors, color matching, counting with this simple DIY learning activity! 


Kindergarteners can learn about addition subtraction as well by placing two side by side and learning to add/subtract! 


These learning through play activities also incorporate fine motor play so your LO is also gaining the benefits of fine motor skills! 😀


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diy recycled play for kids



What are some cool crafts to make? 


There are so many fun crafts for kids that we have tried. Here are some of our most recent ones: 





What crafts can I make at home? 


Here are some ideas of crafts for kids to do at home: 



If you know of any other fun and easy craft ideas for kids to make at home, please share some ideas below! 🙂




How do you make something creative for kids? 


There are many ideas I have listed up atop 🙂 


Some of the basic supplies you probably already have and you can use to make something creative are: 


  • Cardstock paper

  • Tissue Paper

  • Contact Paper

  • Paper Roll

  • Markers

  • Washi Tape




How do you make homemade toys at home? 


I love making homemade toys for my girls and DIY activities for kids. 


Here are some easy craft ideas for kids at school/ or at home that we have tried, that may be helpful for you: 



I hope you enjoyed these kids creative activities at home and that you try some of them out too! 


If you do, please share below in the comment section! 🙂


diy crafts for kids

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