DIY Counting Activity for Toddlers


Make a DIY Counting Activity in Seconds!


The simple activities seem to be very effective with our little ones. Like this Counting game I made my three year old in a couple minutes. I used some of our most trusty items – dot stickers, homemade playdough and Rigatoni noodles! Say what?! Yes, you can make an amazing DIY activity with items you may already own at home – right now!


I love using recycled items for our activities. Do you? If so try this Squishy Paint Filled Sensory bags with your preschooler.

DIY Dot Sticker Activity

It only took minutes to make a DIY noodles and dot stickers counting game!

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DIY Homemade Playdough

My three year old went nuts for this activity! It kept her busy and entertained for a very long time. When she completed the noodle counting she was able to play with the play dough or pasta.


This was a great open ended activity that allowed her to explore and come up with different ideas which is absolutely perfect for her!


DIY Activity for Kids


There’s so much skill involved in using these open ended items to create a wonderful Counting Activity


Even with as little as this seems, there is so much learning and hard work at hand for a preschooler.

Here’s what my preschooler is learning/ working on:


  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand eye coordinaton
  • Dexterity

DIY Counting Activity for LO

A game for older ones too!

What I didnt realize from this DIY activity was the level of interest my kindergartener would have it in. She thinks its just as much fun as her little sister does – and with good reason. Because of its open ended capablitlies, the play dough can be played with on its own. The noodles could turn into stencils/stamps for the play dough. My Kindergartener could practice her addition/subtraction if I add an extra dot sticker next to the original dot sticker.


Its always a bonus to find activities the kids can play together!


This simple DIY counting activity has been an absolute hit at our house! It doesn’t cost a thing to make so why not give it a go with your preschooler?


Build a DIY Counting game for load of toddler, preschooler and kindergarten fun!

DOY Counting Activity for Preschoolers

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