DIY Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Activities for Toddlers


chicka chicka boom boom activities


I absolutely love setting up a cardboard craft activity for my LO’s. 


Check out this one that we made to go along with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”


The Very Hungry Caterpillar activity was a hit and my girls learned so much with it. 


They learned about counting, adding/subtracting, and the life cycle of a butterfly. 


It was really neat. 


This time around I wanted to create a fun cardboard activity to go along with the “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! 


I also wanted to make sure it was an ABC learning activity since ‘you know’ Chicka Chicka Boom Boom does tell the story of letters. 🙂 


So, below I will be sharing how I set up this simple learning letters preschool activity, what I used and how you can go about learning with this activity. 


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Alphabet activities for toddlers


Here are the steps I took to set up this Toddler ABC learning activity


  • I cut out a recycled cardboard piece. 

  • Then, on ¼ of the cardboard piece, I cut out 26 small squares. 

  • You can always do the reverse and draw the letters out and then cut out the letter pieces. 

  • Add your self adhesive dots onto the cardboard cutout and the letter block pieces and you are good to go! 


Then, set this activity on the table and match away with this ABC learning preschool activity! 




How to teach alphabet recognition


How to learn abc letters


How to teach abc to preschoolers?


Try some fun abc games! 


Toddler learning alphabet activities can start out with a simple A, B or C. 


Or you can begin with the letter M. 


The reason to begin with the letter ‘m’ is because it is mentioned this is the first letter sound that babies make. 


When they learn to say ‘mama’ they are essentially saying the ‘m’ sound. 


This can also work with the letter sound ‘p’ for ‘papa’. 


The letter sounds of ‘m’ and ‘p’ can be used within this abc activity and will be the gateway to pre-reading skills in the future! 


So, if you were to set out an alphabet activity using these 2 letters maybe you can work on attaching these 2 letters only to the cardboard cutout and practicing their letter sound for a couple of days. 


Then, work your way up to a different set of letters after the previous two are mastered. 🙂 


letter match cardboard activity



Alphabet letter activities and Alphabet crafts


You can also incorporate a bit of ABC crafts in the mix. 


For instance, if you are working on ‘letter A preschool crafts’ or ‘letter S crafts preschool children can incorporate’ try drawing out a bubble letter of the letter ‘A’ and the letter ‘S’. 


Then, draw things that begin with the letter A within it. 


Maybe your LO, can draw an alligator, an apple or an acorn. 


With the letter ‘S’ draw things within the bubble letter that begin with the letter ‘S’. 


Some items that begin with the letter ‘S’ are the number six, shell or sand.


As your LO draws each, talk about them and their beginning letter sounds. 




Learning ABC sounds


.. with the Chicka boom book! 🙂 


Teaching A B C doesnt have to be hard. 


Just add a fun theme to it with the boom boom book and create a fun alphabet coconut tree!


Teach A B C with the boom boom tree.


I love that name. 🙂


If you need some alphabet help or ABCs 123s daycare activities, consider creating a fun cardboard game out of it for learning along to a theme. 


Learning the ABC’s for preschoolers can be fun




Alphabet learning for kids


What are other fun alphabet theme for preschool activities and craft ideas you can think of or maybe have tried with your toddlers and preschoolers? 


I hope you enjoyed these Chicka chicka boom boom activities and that you try some of them out! 🙂


alphabet activity for kids

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