Dinosaur Washing Sensory Activity


dinosaur washing sensory bin


Who else’s little loves water play?!


There is a reason why it’s in the top 5 in our home! It’s a fun activity to setup, easy to clean, and the kids have fun for hours on end. 


So neat!  


We added a fun dinosaur preschool activity into this mix of water play and let me tell you..


They had a blast! 


We essentially created a “dino tub” and it was epic! 


Dinosaur activities are a fun way to learn all about dinosaurs (their name, their colors and whether they are herbivores or carnivores..)


I’ll be sharing how I put this simple dinosaur sensory bin together, what I used and how you can set this up (likely right now) too! 


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And these are the items you will need! 🙂 


dinosaur washing sensory activity


Toddler dinosaur activities


Toddlers can have fun with this dinosaur in water activity! 


It all started when my girls would use their toys as dinosaur bath toys and what a fun add-on to bath time! 


So, I thought to move their dinosaur learning toys  into the living room for a fun dinosaur toddler sensory activity. 


I set out the sensory bin and stand and they went at it washing their dinosaur toys and having fun! 🙂 


Some other ideas are to point and talk about the colors of each dinosaur, sing along to a dinosaur song that talks about their dinosaur names.. 


These are some dinosaur activities you can incorporate and try. What other fun activities can you think of? 


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Dinosaur activities for preschool


Looking for dinosaur preschool activities?


Preschoolers can have just as much fun as toddlers can but with a little more learning involved! 🙂 


Dinosaurs in water is so much fun for preschoolers. 


Dinosaur water activities are also so very beneficial to the senses and allow for many benefits. 


To learn more on the benefits of sensory play, go here! 


Dinosaur activities preschool children can try would be to count the dinosaurs or match them onto a sheet that has the dino names so they can learn about their names. 


Talk about how many horns a triceratops has or which are herbivores vs. carnivores…


Another fun activity would be to paint dinosaurs. 


It’s funny because my oldest lead the way when it came to activities such as these. 


She paints some of her toys and freezes toys and I never understood it until a year or two ago. 


She is learning through play and exploiting the world around her. 


It is so inspiring to see and she is my inspiration. Both my girls are. 


Painting dinosaurs is a wonderful hand on activity that allows for art through creative and imaginative expression. 


Plus, you end up with a keepsake. Neat! 


Paint a dinosaur activities are really fun and whenever I give the okay to paint an older toy or a toy my little wants to paint such as a wooden toy from the art/craft store, my littles love that! 


Dinosaur painting activities are lots of fun for them. Have you ever tried a fun dinosaur paint activity before? 


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Have you tried a dinosaur preschool activity before? How did it go? Leave me a comment below 🙂


dino washing sensory activity for kids

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