Decorate a Pumpkin – Halloween Crafts for Kids

halloween crafts for kids decorate a pumpkin

We love decorating pumpkins on Halloween. It’s an activity we cherish together once a year! 


Choosing to carve a real pumpkin is wonderful and oh, how I love the smell of pumpkin! It just smells so festive and delicious, in my opinion. 


But it is true, it can get real messy quick and while that’s okay for some people, for some it’s not. So there is a wonderful alternative! 


Craft pumpkins are great! You can carve some, get really crafty with them and they’re mess free! 


I love that they not only sell white ones but that they actually have realistic looking craft pumpkins that are – you guessed it – orange! 


The stem is even realistic looking. That’s so cool!!


I love bringing forth some craft pumpkins for an afternoon painting activity for my girls. I’ll set one of their favorite spooky set of songs on and they’ll go at it with all of their creative ideas! 


Check out this Halloween Spooky Punch Sensory Play idea we did last Halloween! 



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I rolled out some brown paper on the table. This is so the table doesn’t get paint all over it! 


Then, I set their craft pumpkins with a dash of Halloween themed paint within 2 seperate painting palettes. 


Lastly, I added paint brushes in a tin cup for them to use for painting their awesome crafty pumpkin! 

Halloween pumpkin activities for kids

Halloween Arts and Crafts for Kids Ideas:


I usually let my girls think of something creative to make using their imagination. But, if you’d like to set some sort of awesome theme, here are some ideas: 


  • Classic Jack-O-Lantern 

  • Spooky Bats 

  • Spooky Frankenstein 

  • Spider Jack-O-Lantern

  • Sponge Art using Spooky Colors (Orange, Green, Purple)

  • Ghost Pumpkin 

  • Dracula Pumpkin 

  • Decorate a pumpkin with Halloween foam stickers


What other fun themed ideas can you think of for a fun Halloween crafts for kids? 

halloween decorate a pumpkin ideas for kids


Will you Decorate a Pumpkin as a fun craft for kids this Halloween? 

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halloween crafts for kids decorate a pumpkin



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