3 Decorate a Christmas Tree Toddler Activities


Decorate a Christmas Tree


I love decorating the Christmas tree activities because my girls enjoy them so much during the holidays! 


I will share with you 3 fun and easy ones within this post. 


They are easy to make and fun for little ones and I’ve provided three so if one wont workout for you maybe another will! 


I truly hope you try them out! 


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1/3: Faux Christmas Tree Decoration using Fine Motor Skills


Supplies: Activity 1 : Fine Motor Christmas Tree Decoration

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How to set up your Small Faux Christmas Tree


This christmas tree decorating activity is a fun one! 


It incorporates fine motor practice and I’m all for that! 


To read about the benefits of fine motor practice definitely check out this post right here. 


Once I set up my small faux Christmas tree, I added the lights to it. 


I turned them on and then it was time to decorate it! 


My girls used these wooden colorful beads which we absolutely love. 


They are so boho and chic and hippie – too cute! 


Miss 3 and miss 5 added the beads to each of the trees branches to decorate it! 


It was fun and they were getting some benefits from it! 





2/3: Fine Motor Christmas Tree Decoration using stickers


Supplies: Activity 2 : Fine Motor Christmas Tree Decoration 

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How to set up your Sticker Christmas Tree Activity 


This is a breeze to set up! 


Just color in a Christmas Tree on your notepad or a giant paper roll


Once you have colored in your tree, making sure it is green only, you’re ready to bring the kids in. 


Oh! Keep in mind if you have an older sibling, maybe they would want to partake in coloring a tree! 🙂


So, grab your ornament stickers and hand them to your littles. 


They’ll have a blast sticking the ornament stickers on the tree and decorating it! 


Turn it into a learning game, by counting how many ornaments are on the tree. 


You can also play a game of, “What colors do you see?” if you have a preschooler


So fun! 



3/3: Decorate a drawn out Christmas tree with bows! 


Supplies: Activity 3 : Christmas tree decoration using bows

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Really easy and oh so much fun for littles! 



How to set up your Christmas tree for bow decorating


Draw out a tree on your craft board


I created lines for my little one to match to the bows color


However, there were only a few of each color so she ended up just adding them anywhere! 🙂


Decorate a christmas tree activity for kids


This is fun and great for fine motor skills development


It was fun for miss 3! She really enjoyed this one very much. 


Have you tried any decorating a tree activities? Please share with me in the comments below! 


I hope you enjoyed these as much as we did!



Will you give these Christmas Tree Decorating Activity for Kids a try?

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Decorate a Christmas Tree Activity


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