Construction Site Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschoolers


construction sensory bin



Simple Sensory bin going on here! 


I only used two ingredients with the add-on of colors for some early learning fun! 


I love putting together simple sensory bins


They always give me so much joy to make. 


Especially easy ones like this one! 


I’ll be sharing below how incredibly easy this sensory bin is to make and all it took, all the items I used and how we went about it below. 


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construction site sensory bin




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Construction activities for preschoolers

The simple steps I took to put together this sensory bin construction themed activity were as follows:


How to make a sensory bin – construction themed


  • I added dried black beans into the bin.

  • Then, I added in a pom pom of each color.

  • Add your wooden bowls for collecting the pom poms. 

  • Include your child’s construction toys into the sensory bin beans set up.

  • And, there you have it! 



construction site sensory bin for kids



Construction themed activities for preschoolers


We have our Construction Preschool Box that can work alongside this simple activity


Simple construction activities for preschoolers are my very favorite because they allow for littles to have fun while playing. 


This busy construction site activity can be tailored for learning about colors with the pom poms. 


You can also add in letter magnets or number magnets.


If your little one has big construction toys, add them into a little kid plastic pool, pick up the letters/number magnets with the construction truck toys and shout out their names or count them! 


Use painters tape and different colored dot stickers to align the construction toys to its correct color by adding a dot sticker to each construction toy! 


Then, match the correct construction truck toy to its correct parking space by matching to its correct colored dot sticker. 


Other fun sensory bin materials that can work for this easy construction sensory bin are: 



These are just some ideas that can work out and that can also be helpful in teaching the basic skills of early learning while playing! 


What other fun sensory bin materials can you think of adding in this fun sensory play idea?


construction sensory bin for kids

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