Color Matching File Folder Game – 110 Colors and words Printable 


Colors and more printables for kids



I am so excited about this set of printable games for kids


I’ve also uploaded a video below that shows both of them in action but for today I am only going to talk about one of the file folder games. 


The one I will talk about is the Color Matching File Folder Game. 


This set includes 110 words – mostly color names with a tiny mix in of number words 1-20. 




How to use these Preschool Color Matching Games


This set comes with sheets that can be used within a busy book, a folder, or just to be used as is. 


If you use them as is within a busy book without having cut the pieces, this will work as well for pointing at the different colors/numbers and is great for on the go/at a restaurant/as an airplane activity…


I usually will glue the empty sheets with boxes onto a file folder. 


Then, I will cut the corresponding pieces that match with that theme into the empty squares within that file folder! 


That’s really all there is to it. 🙂


Tip: The pieces can be used as small flashcards as well! 🙂 


I love multi-purpose printables!




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  • Download and Print the 110 Colors and Words Printable 

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numbers and more printables for kids



Fun Games for Preschoolers


These will work wonderfully for toddlers, but it will also work well for preschoolers


Some preschool games you can incorporate with this Color Match File Folder Teacher Resources are: 


  • Print double of a sheet you are working on and play a game of find the pair.

  • Lay 2 or 3 colors out and make 3 different piles of colors. 

  • Separate the animal cards with another set of category cards..

  • Use the pieces as printable flashcards (this is great for on the go especially if they are laminated.)

  • Insert the sheets into a busy book so you can match the corresponding pieces with velcro adhesive dots. 

  • Use the beginning sounds of some of the printable flashcards pieces so they turn into a set of alphabet file folder games. 

  • Shape file folder games can also be used in conjunction with the number pieces to learn about the different amount of sides each shape has.


And so much more.. 


What other Preschool color matching games can you think of using these in conjunction with? 




What’s included in this Colors and more File Folder Game Printable


  • Red Color File Folder Game

  • Orange Color File Folder Game

  • Yellow Color File Folder Game

  • Green Color File Folder Game

  • Blue Color File Folder Game

  • Purple Color File Folder Game

  • Pink Color File Folder Game

  • Grey Color File Folder Game

  • Brown Color File Folder Game

  • 1-10 Numbers File Folder Game

  • 11-20 Numbers File Folder Game



Check out the 110 Colors and words printable video below 


Get the 110 Colors and Numbers 1-10 here: 

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Are you interested in the 126 Animals and More?

Check out the post on it here.




Colors and more printables for kids




How this set of preschool printables can be used as speech therapy materials


This set is super duper awesome for using for speech therapy! 


The cut out flashcards from this file folder games pdf printable can be used to learn about different words, numbers, colors beginning sounds, letter sounds.. 


They will work wonderfully in delayed speech or if you are teaching about different letter sounds. 




Premade File Folder Games made easy 


So, there you have it!


This set of easy print, cut and go printable games for kids is really fun and it is one of our staple items in this household. 


I’d say it is top 5 here in terms of printable activities we love here at home. 


It’s not only a toddler and preschool printable, it’s also for kindergarten.. 


Not only will they work for toddlers and preschoolers


They also work for kindergarteners who are learning to write and read. 


Use a sheet of paper next to the flashcard piece and practice writing out the words or spelling the word by learning the letter sounds of each word.


What other fun ways can you think of using these set of printables? 


numbers and more printables for kids

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