Color Match Spider Web Indoor Kids Activity  

color matching spider web kids activity


Last Halloween my online friend Beth created this awesome indoor activity for kids! This activity is 100% inspired by Beth over at and it’s perfect for the holiday! It is by far one of our favorites!


It is so much fun for the kiddos and adds a bonus educational approach into learning colors. Hey! You can even add a counting game to this special activity! 


We had so much fun with this one. Spider activities are really so much fun. 


We love this activity on Halloween as an indoor activity and it is sure to be a staple on this spooky holiday. It’s spooktacular!


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So much fun! Easy Peasy!  


So, now that you’ve your supplies, you are ready to begin prepping. 


 I laid out the white paper roll on the table and used poster paper to draw the web. 


First, add a huge plus sign. Then, use the mindset of cutting pizza slices or a birthday cake pieces.


Once you’ve completed the pizza slice markered imprints, add lines within each pizza slice that connect to each other.


This will form a shape that is not a circle but rather a -gon shape. For instance, if you have 8 sides the shape would look like an octagon.


Now, use different colored markers to create circles around the web. Add legs to the circles. Tip: Make sure to use colors you feel is right for your child’s learning experience. 


Next, make sure to have dot stickers that match the colors you’re using for your spiders. If you don’t like us, you can use the white dot stickers to color in so it matches perfectly!


And there you have it! A web for spooky spider drawings to call home! Simple, engaging and oh so spooktacular! 



Color Recognition Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers


How cool is this spider activity! My girls matched the colored dot sticker to the correct markered spider on the poster paper! 


My 3 year old is really into spiders so this was so fun for her! She really enjoyed playing and learning at the same time. 


I’m all for playing and learning activities. It’s what I try to incorporate into our days here at home and it’s been really helpful for all of us! 


Another great way to go about this color match activity is to add in a little counting to it. You can say something like, “How many red spiders do you see?”


This Halloween activity is also a wonderful fine motor activity for your little ones. It also offers hand and eye coordination amongst many other benefits. 


What other fun color recognition activities can you think of with this spider web kids activity? 


color match web activity for kids



Number Recognition Games for Kids


As mentioned above, you can add a twist to this game by counting how many red ones there are compared to blue or green to yellow…


For a more advanced approach you can add in addition and subtraction into the mix by saying something like, “So there are 5 red ones and 5 blue ones, How many are they in total?” 


For toddlers, you can count 1-5 to them so they become aware of what counting is. 


For preschoolers, you can try matching the dot stickers and then counting as you go. Simple and engaging!


What other fun ways can you think of applying with this Color Match Web Kids Activity ? 

Will you give this Color Match Spider Web Kids Indoor Activity a try? 

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color matching spider web kids activity


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