Christmas Tree Counting Mats Printable


Christmas Tree Counting Placemats



Here is a fun little printable I created with our Christmas tree erasers in mind! 


You definitely don’t need Christmas tree erasers at all to use these though. 


You can use pom poms, dot stickers, or just a little bit of green paint on your child’s finger to dot and count. So cute! 


It’s amazing how very little this printable is to prep. You can just print and use them on the go! 


We’ve been loving these and I hope your little’s do too! 


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How to set up your counting mats printable


Once you download and print your placemat printable, you’re ready to set it up!


One way is to add them in a dry erase pocket!


When it comes to placemat printables, this is my most favorite way to set them up.


It’s perfect for on the go such as for a road trip or vacation.


They work so well in a restaurant when you’re waiting for your order.


It’s fantastic!


I’ll usually add in all of the printable pages and the one my child is working on will go in the very front.


You can also choose to laminate your placemats. 


This is a great way to maintain them if you are a teacher, a homeschool parent or there are many siblings in your household. 


Store them and use them for the following years to come.


You can also use them as is!


Because you’ll have them forever, if they tear or you use them for some fun fine motor practice with scissor cutting, you can always print them over and over again!



How to use your counting mats printable for Preschool 


One way I love using these with my preschooler is by saying aloud the number she is working on that day. 


So if she is working on the number 3, I’ll bring forth the placemat with a 3 dot 10 frame and point to the three dots and say them aloud! 


I’ll then choose a fun manipulative (we happen to have Christmas Tree erasers, so we use these) and add them on top of the 3 circled dots. 


Another fun way to get them to play and learn is to add a bit of green paint to their finger. 


Tell them to dot the three dots on the three dotted printable. 


You can say something like, “Yay! You’ve made 3 little trees/wreaths!” 


What other fun ways can you think of using these with your preschooler? 



How to use your counting mats printable for Kindergarten


A fantastic way to use these is to add one sheet next to another and add/subtract them up!


Kindergarteners are learning all about adding and subtracting. So, this is a wonderful way to learn how to add or subtract!


5-6 year olds are also learning how to skip count by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s… you name it! 


So a wonderful way to use these is to skip count by 2’s by adding tree erasers or green painted finger dots on every other dot on the printable! 


Tongue twister there! 🙂


Both of these are wonderful play to learn ideas you can practice with your 5 and 6 year olds! 


What other fun play to learn ideas can you think of using with them using these printable placemats? 



Use these printable placemats on the go/ or on vacation..


You heard me right! 


If your waiting at a restaurant for your order, these will work amazing with your little one! 


Make sure to use a dry erase pocket with some dry erase markers for some learning “waiting” fun!


Hope you enjoy these! Please leave me a comment down below if you can think of another fun way to use these this holiday season! 


Happy Learning! 



Will you give this Christmas Tree Counting Mats Printable for Preschool a try?



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Christmas Tree Counting Placemats

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