Christmas Sensory Bin for Toddlers


how to make sensory rice for toddlers



Wow! It’s been a minute since we dyed rice for sensory play


The last one we made was around spring time! 


Even though the sensory rice is still fun to play with, I wanted to make a new holiday themed one for my girls! 


I made this rice the day after Thanksgiving – perfect time because of how calm the day was! 


And! It gives my girls some calm quality time enjoying some sensory play! 


So, if you’d like to check out how incredibly EASY this sensory rice recipe is to make, I’ll be sharing the details below! 


It only contains 2-3 ingredients. Very simple and so much fun! 


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Quickest and Easiest way to dye Christmas Sensory Rice 


Here are the steps on how I made this sensory rice: 


  • I added about 2 cups of non cooked white rice into each of 3 separate containers

  • Then, I added in a blotch of different colored paint into each. 

  • For this example I used, green paint, red paint and silver paint

  • I then added a squirt or two of hand sanitizer (optional, but I like to think it gets the flow going when you mix it all up!)

  • Close your lid (tightly, you don’t want to spill it everywhere like I did) 🙂

  • Shake, shake shake! 

  • Then lay each colored rice out on a cookie tray to dry! 

  • Using paint literally makes your sensory rice dry in minutes! Not kidding! 

  • Once you feel it is completely dry, add the rice into a bin

  • And, voila! Add in your manipulatives and you’ve made some sensory rice for a fun sensory play session

  • High five, mama!! 



Xmas Sensory Tray


I love using regular Sterlite bins for our sensory rice, but this festive rice called for a fun “galvanized xmas” tray that made it look extra pretty!


You can check it out here. So fun!



Christmas Messy Play Ideas


Some fun ideas you can try with this festive Christmas sensory rice, is to swirl your faux snowballs around the rice! 


You can take your Wooden Christmas Trees and stand them up to create a pretend forest. 


Add your white snow along the wooden trees and you’ve got a fun winter small world! 


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Here are a few other fun Christmas Sensory Play Ideas


Will you give this Christmas Sensory Rice Bin DIY a try this Holiday Season?


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how to make sensory rice for toddlers

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