Holiday Recycled Box Activity for Kids


holiday recycled box for kids



Ever wondered how you can make something out of nothing for a fun play to learn experience for your toddlers


I’ve got something special for you! 


And, you can simply make it with a recycled cardboard box!  


I added on a few foam sheets but that is completely optional. 


Coloring each side is a great alternative!


If you have an older sibling, maybe they want to help too! 


What a fun activity for the whole family! 


I’ll share how we made this learning recycled box below! 


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Fun Activities to Teach about Recycling


This recycled box is super easy to put together. 


The next time your delivery driver comes to drop off a box, don’t throw it away! 


Use it (if it’s fairly new and un dirty)  to create something fun out of it! 


Tape it up. 


Then, add your foam sheets


I added a different colored foam sheet on each of the 6 sides. 


Then, I added a fun holiday themed foam sheet such as a gingerbread man foam sheet or a Christmas Tree foam sheet. 


I even found a fun Snowflake foam sheet to add on top for some learning fun! 


The foam sheets I used provided textures. 


Each of the individual sheets had a different textures so it was nice to touch and feel the softness and texture of each. 



Can you try box activities for preschoolers?




One way I can of using these is to cut foam sheets into different and smaller shapes. 


Add them to the foam box making sure that each side has a different amount of the shapes. 


For example, maybe one side contains 5 shapes. 


Another side can contain 4 shapes. 


Then, the fun part!


Direct your preschooler to count how many there are. 


You can also practice calling out the colors and feeling the textures as well with your preschooler!



Can you try box activities for kindergarteners?




Kindergarteners can try all that toddlers and preschoolers learn and more!


Some ideas would be to use that same example of adding the 4 shapes on one side and 5 shapes on another side. 


You can also choose to learn about subtraction (deducting). 


What about a fun decoration. 


Kindergarteners love to color just as much as all kids do! 


Color in the gingerbread foam sheets or decorate the Christmas tree foam sheets! 


If you are not using foam sheets and only coloring the box, maybe they would want to decorate it themselves! 


What other fun ways can you think of using this as a fun recycled art activity for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and more? 



Will you give this Holiday Recycled Box Activity for Kids a try? 

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diy learning recycled activity for kids

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