Christmas Pom Pom Water Play Sensory Bin


Christmas Pom Pom water Sensory Bin



Water play is definitely top 5 in this home! It’s sensory play to the max. 


It ignites imagination and inspires my child to think up little ideas. 


It’s 100% supported here and a little goes a long way! 


Water play must also always be supervised especially for little ones. 


This sensory bin is SO easy to make, you probably can make it right now! 


Not kidding. 


If you want to learn all about sensory play, the benefits and over 100 sensory play ideas, check it out here


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That’s it! Can you make this right now if you wanted to? Leave me a comment below!


So easy. 



What can I use as a sensory bin?


I’ve a list of over 100 sensory play ideas. Go check it out! I made it for you! 


It’ll also list all of the benefits and different categories as well! 



What are sensory bins good for?


Sensory bins, sensory bottles, sensory play are great for learning, having fun while receiving some amazing benefits.


When your children play with a sensory bin, they can receive a calming effect. They can ignite and spark up imaginative play. 


Sensory play allows for children to connect and engage by way of stimulation and building of nerve connections within your child’s brain which in turn allows children to learn new skills! 


How incredibly amazing is that! 



Is water play sensory?


Yes. It allows for creativity, imagination and self expression of your child. 


Think of it like this.. 


Close your eyes. 


Pretend you are hearing water being played with. 


Does that stimulate your senses?


Now, touch the water. 


It’s really soft but different and not air. It’s stimulating your sense of touch


It’s enjoyable and great for learning about the world around you. 


It encourages so many aspects of oneself just by connecting with it. 


When a sense is being engaged, such as in this example (water to touch and water to hearing) neural pathways are essentially being created which in turn is helpful for future skills! 




So, yes, if you’d like to learn more about this subject, I’ve created an entire post on sensory play



Christmas themed water sensory bin 

Super fun. Really easy to set up and my girls had a blast! 


Have you ever made a water play sensory bin? What was your experience?


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Christmas Pom Pom water Sensory Bin

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