Christmas Pom Pom Number Match 


Christmas Pom Pom Number Match


Pom Pom’s mixed with learning is a wonderful match! 


This little setup I am about to share with you is so easy, you probably already have these items in your home – right now! 


Learning to count made simple is always my favorite!


Check out this Christmas Counting Activity for Preschool I tried with my girls last Christmas! 


It was a total hit!


If you want to learn how we played and learned with this fun setup, I’ll be sharing all the deets below. 


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So simple. So easy. You probably own all of these things! 


Let’s get to it! 


Preschool Math with Pom Poms


One way I taught my preschooler about counting was setting up little activities like these


It’s fun, engaging and they learn! That’s what I love about them. 


Pom poms are a great way to learn about counting. 


If you don’t own a muffin tin, that’s okay! 


You can try one of our Free Christmas Counting Mats printables with the use of pom poms


And! If you don’t own pom poms, use the printable with mini erasers or chocolate chip cookies… anything that works for you and your family! 🙂


I’ve got you, mama! 



How did I put this counting activity for my preschooler together..


Easy peasy! 


I added in the number magnets into the muffin tin


I then added pom poms into a bowl. 


This allowed easy access for my preschooler to reach in the bowl and grab 1 pom pom to insert into the one muffin circle or 3 pom poms to insert into the number 3 muffin tin circle.


Call out the colors you see! If you are using Holiday themed pom poms this is great if they are starting to learn about colors. 


Three pom pom colors are a great start! 



Muffin tins are not only for counting, but also for pattern match games …


That’s right! 


Pattern match games work very well for early learning and muffin tins are great for them! 


Try adding in red/green/red to three tin circles. 


Direct your preschooler to finish the pattern by adding in what comes next!


This is a great way to learn about pattern match games for preschoolers. 


What other fun ways can you think of using these with your preschooler?



Will you give this Christmas Number Match Activity a try?

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Christmas Pom Pom Number Match

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