Christmas Magic Milk Experiment


christmas magic milk for kids at home



Magic Milk is such a fun activity for kids


I love setting it up for my girls especially on a certain season or holiday like this one


I added in the red and green food coloring for a fun, festive approach at the milk and food coloring experiment! 


Have you ever tried the magic milk science experiment?


It is so easy to setup and so much fun for littles! 


Below, I’ll be sharing how I made ours! 


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What is the magic milk experiment 


The magic milk experiment is a fun experiment that is so easy to put together and so much fun for littles to watch. 


How does the magic milk experiment work you may ask? 


When the dish washing soap mixes with the milk, it causes the milk’s fat and water to separate from each other. 


So, when you add food coloring you can see how the colors separate and form fun illusions right before your very eyes! 



christmas magic milk for toddler preschool and kindergarten



Is color changing milk a chemical reaction? 


The fat and protein within the milk react to disturbances in the milk. A chemical reaction occurs when dishwashing soap is added. 


Because of the food coloring that is added in, we are able to see this process take place which is pretty fascinating! 


I’ll be sharing below how we make ours.



How do you make a milk Rainbow experiment?


I added about 1 cup of milk (depending on the size of tray/bin you use, this will differ) into a tray/bin.


Then, I added a few drops of red food coloring, green food coloring and blue food coloring


I then added a bit of dish soap into a small container and used a qtip to soak the tip a bit. 


Hand it over to your little and help them dot the food coloring spots on the milk! 


Watch the magic unfold right before your eyes! 


I added in a few cookie cutters into the mix for some mesmerizing learning fun! 


When I removed them all the colors came together and it was neat watching it all unfold.


We also tried this science experiment last year but with a different 5 compartment tray which was really nice! 


I added in a different color into each compartment of the tray. 


You can learn about colors in this way which is really such a fun approach for little ones. 


Overall, it’s lovely around this time of year and it is really nice to make it themed! 


Have you ever made magic milk before?



Will you give this Christmas Magic Milk Experiment a try?


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christmas magic milk for kids at home

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