Christmas Lights Finger Painting for Kids


Christmas Lights Finger Painting for Kids



How much fun would it be to learn about colors while engaging?


I think this is definitely one of the reasons I started this blog – to inspire other mamas and learn from other mamas, motivating and inspiring ways to learn while having fun.


That’s truly what it’s all about. 


So, here we are. 


This activity not only is fun but its Holiday themed and my kids get to use paint, on their fingers!


How cool is that! 


Supporting the amazing little joys of the holiday with this fun construction paper dot the lights activity – was a hit! 


Not much to it – but I’ll show you how I set this up below! 


If you are looking for a toy gift ideas for your littles this holiday season, I’ve compiled a list for 1 year olds, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. Enjoy! 




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And, it’s a wrap! Those are all you’ll need for this epic activity for kids.



Easy Finger Painting Christmas Lights Activity


For this fun activity I used construction paper of the colors red-green-blue.


I added paint within the paint palettes and set those on the table. 


You can draw swirls to create the Christmas light string. 


Then, add little square knobs which will indicate to your little one where their fingerprint will go.


Now, your setup is all set and ready to go! 


Have your little ones come in and dot their finger in the paint


Then, they’ll dot it on those little knobs on the drawn out swirls. 


How fun! 



Finger Painting Ideas for Preschool 


Some fun ways you can go about bringing forth this activity is by making it a learning experience. 


We chose to call out the colors we saw as they finger painted or when they completed having fun finger painting


You can also practice counting how many are red vs how many are green…


My preschooler really enjoyed learning and having fun at the exact same time! 


What other ways can you think about using this with your preschooler?



Finger Painting Ideas for Kindergarten


Kindergarteners will have a really fun time with this activity too!


They can practice all that preschoolers are practicing and more! 


You can try adding up all the red fingerpaint’s and the blue ones, write them out on a paper and add them up. 


Subtract them as well! Working on addition and subtraction is a great way for kindergarteners to learn about math while having fun! 


Another fun way is to create a pattern with the finger painting activity.

Maybe you can dot one red and one green before your 5-6 year old starts having fun finger painting


Ask them to complete the pattern all the way to the end of the Christmas lights! 


This is a fun way to incorporate learning through play! 


What other ways can you think of using these with your kindergartener?



Will you give this Christmas Lights Finger Painting Activity a try?

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Christmas Lights Finger Painting for Kids

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