Christmas Counting Trees Printable

Christmas Tree Counting Printable


Looking for a fun learning activity to try with your little ones this Christmas? 


I made this awesome printable which checkboxe’s fun and learning for my preschooler.


My girls love to color and are always asking me to print a coloring page for them! 


So, I made this little printable with a variety of different Christmas Trees with a little learning twist to it…


And, I’m sharing it with you!


To see some fun ways you can go about using these, the details are within this post so definitely make sure to keep on reading! 



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How to use this Free Christmas Printables for Kids 


I like using a dry erase pocket to maintain the pages. 


You can usually take them on the go with some dry erase markers


Dry Erase Pockets are definitely my favorite because of this – taking them on the go or on vacation! 


You can also set these out on the table for some fun fine motor practice of cutting the Christmas trees! 


One fun way I used these was with a recycled toilet paper roll and a couple of different colored paint chips. 


I traced the trees and use them as a stencil onto the paint chip, and cut out the paint chips into trees. 


Then, I made a little cut on opposite sides of the recycled paper roll to insert the paint chip Christmas trees!


So neat!


What other fun ways can you think of using these?



What other ways can my preschooler use these to play and learn? 


Some fun play and learn activities with this printable are to color each of the trees and call out the colors. 


You can count them with the help of the numbered text above or below each tree!


Some trees are bigger and some are smaller. 


This is so they can be used as stencils for different sized paint chips!


Add some pom poms to each tree to count them! 


If you own magnet numbers, match them to the numbered text above and below each tree! 


I have provided a, “write the number out” on the very last tree for your child to learn what comes after the number 10! 


My girls love to color!


So, they can also use these as coloring pages while calling out how many they have colored! 


What other fun play and learn activities can you think of bringing forth with these? 



Will you give this Christmas Counting Trees Printable for Preschool a try?



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Christmas Tree Counting Printable

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