Christmas Counting Craft Activity


counting games for kids using craft sticks



Right as I am writing this, there are 12 more days until Christmas


Can you believe it? 




It has been a lovely month full of so many fun activities for the month of December. 


This activity is great for different ages (siblings in the family, friends…)


It worked just as great for my preschooler as it did for my 6 year old! 


I’ll be sharing it all below along with some of the fun supplies I used! 


If you haven’t checked out this amazing list of over 80 kids activities and craft ideas, I must say it is a pretty grand list and you can pick and choose the ones that resonate with you! 




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christmas counting activity



I also have a list of some of the supplies we use on the daily you can check out too


But for this specific activity you’ll only be using the 4 mentioned above.



Learning to Count with Craft Sticks


What fun with popsicle sticks game can kids enjoy playing and learning with, you may ask?


There are so many fun ways you can go about learning to count with craft sticks


With this activity we used pom poms.


Pom pom activities are a great way to learn about counting.


They also allow for learning about colors, addition/subtraction, learning about texture, counting 2s, counting 5s..


counting activity for kids and preschool



Counting Games Activity 


I set out twenty craft sticks on the table.


On 9 of the craft sticks, I used a sharpie marker to write numbers from 2-10 on the end of each of the craft sticks. 


Then, I took the other 10 craft sticks and wrote 2-10 on the opposite end of the craft sticks. 


I wrote a number 1 on the first craft stick and this would become the future star of the Christmas Tree. 


Once all of the craft sticks were laid out on the table, I added pom poms with a bit of glue to match the correct numbered craft stick. 


When they are all set up together, they come up together as a Christmas tree. 



counting activity for kids



Counting Games for Preschool using Craft Sticks


One way you can use these with your preschooler is to count from 1-5 or 1-10 with one set of the craft sticks


You can also point to each of the colorful pom poms and learn about colors. 


One way I like to go about learning about colors and counting is to ask my preschooler, “How many red pom poms are there?”


These are all different ways to learn about counting and colors using craft sticks and pom poms. 


What other ways can you think of using these? 



craft sticks diy for kids


Counting Games for Kindergarten using Craft Sticks


Kindergarteners can learn about the same concepts preschoolers learn, and more!


One way a kindergartener can learn is to add one craft stick to the other one. 


So, for instance, once the tree is created using the craft sticks, your 5 year old can add up the ones on the left and the ones on the right. 


The pom poms are an indication to show your little one that 2 and 2 make 4 and so on..


Another fun way to learn about counting for kindergarten is to use the same approach we used with a preschooler by counting how many red ones there are and then counting how many of a different color there are. 


Then, you just either add or subtract them up!


This is a wonderful way to learn about counting! 


What other fun ways can you think of using these fun counting games with your kids? 




Will you give this Christmas Counting Craft Activity a try?

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counting games for kids using craft sticks


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