Christmas Counting Activity for Preschool


Christmas Counting Activity


Counting Activities are so much fun for preschoolers!


They are probably one of my very favorite printable’s to create.


Because you are here, and I appreciate all who come across my page, here is a fun one I made with my preschooler in mind: 


Christmas Tree Counting Mats Printable


So, this one is super duper easy to setup and you can set it up in any holiday theme you celebrate. 


I made little gingerbread men and Christmas trees out of construction paper for this activity. 


They are so cute and festive and my girls had a blast with these! 


The cool thing about them is that you can add a differentiated set of lessons that meet your child’s academic knowledge. 


For instance, my 3 year old enjoyed these for learning numbers 1-5-10. 


My 5 year old practiced her addition/subtraction with them.


However you choose to go about them is amazing! Share with me if you come up with something different. I’d love to learn. 


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This is all you’ll need and you probably have all or some of these items at home, right now! 🙂 



How do you teach preschoolers to count?


You can always choose to teach them the old fashioned way which is by showing them the numbers and learning in that way! 


It’s the way I learned. And, it works! 


But, why not add a bit of fun to it! 


This activity incorporates a fun gingerbread man and christmas tree cut out of construction paper with numbers on them! 


They’ll not only learn the number, but they will be able to see by counting the gingerbread men or the christmas trees! 


Add a few candies in there and they’ll be more intrigued to learn.


The candies help them learn to count. 


You can say something like, “Can you add one button to the gingerbread man?”


They’ll go ahead and add a candy to the gingerbread man! Imagination while learning! 


You see, that’s what its about. Seeing things while having fun with it!



What are the preschool activities? 


This is a question asked in a search on the internet. 


“What are the preschool activities?” 


If you are looking for preschool activities, I am currently teaching my preschooler with activities I create for her and I share them with you! 


You can find them here: 


Preschool Play to Learn Activities


I go over: 


  • Numbers (counting)

  • Letters (alphabet) (letter sounds)

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Big/small

  • Patterns

  • Tracing lines

  • Fun Scissor cutting activities


…and more


I hope you enjoy this simple activity at home! Please, if you try it out, share with me! I’d love to see. 



Will you give this Christmas Counting Activity a try?


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Christmas Counting Activity


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