Christmas Quiet Book Activity Binder Printable

Christmas Activity Binder Printable



Can you believe it’s the end of the year already? 


I must say, it’s been one incredible year! I hope the same for you 🙂


Our children are growing right before our eyes! 


On another fun note.. 


My preschooler is enjoying the Preschool Activity Binder or aka busy book, I made for her!


Because it’s the month of December, I created a fun Christmas Activity Binder for her, my 6 year old – and for you!


So, let’s get right into it. I’ve a bunch of awesomeness to show you! 



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Saving on the Monthly Activity Binders


I am creating a printable for my preschooler every other day. I have all the details over on our Activities for Preschool page


The monthly activity binders are each a $5 value. 


The monthly subscription is $11 a month. 


You can always purchase the activity binders on their own.


But if you’d like to save on the activity binders and receive 14-15 additional printables for that month you may want to consider checking out our monthly subscription




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How to put together your Christmas Printable 


Download and print your Christmas Busy Book or Activity Binder. 


You can either choose to laminate or use a dry erase pocket!


Using a dry erase pocket is great for using the b&w and/or colorful sheets for on the go!


You can change the sheets and add the one your child is working on, on the top!


For example, if you choose to add the ornament letters printable within a dry erase pocket you can use letter magnets for matching! 


Another fun method is added the sheets into a 3 ring binder. 


There are instructions on how to set up your binder within the printable once downloaded. 


This is the method I chose for us!


The pieces were laminated and the pages that corresponded within the binder were placed in sheet protectors


If you want to keep everything organized you can add a 3 ring binder pocket or use adhesive velcro dots to keep the pieces within the binder! 


Out of these two options I would choose to keep the pieces organized in a 3 ring binder pocket so they are securely within it and won’t get lost. 


This is great for on the go/ on vacation/ going to a restaurant/ or just when your right at home!



Let’s look inside the Christmas Quiet Book or Activity Binder Printable 


  1. Uppercase/Lowercase Ornaments Matching. As mentioned above, you can also use letter magnets for matching or a dry erase pocket for tracing and erasing! 

  2. Reindeer Shapes – These are wonderful for learning the basic shapes – Xmas themed of course! 

  3. Emotions Christmas Trees – Learn about what emotions your little one is feeling by pointing at the trees + by matching them! Fun little trees that help out! 

  4. Candy Cane Colors – These swirls will help your little ones learn about the different colors! 

  5. Doesn’t everyone love a sip of hot chocolate in December? Learn to count by adding in marshmallows into your hot chocolate!

  6. For a more advanced lesson – your kindergartener can learn about addition! You can also use the dry erase pocket idea mentioned above for a fun number matching with the b&w page only for your preschooler


So, there you have it! 



I loved showing you a bit of each and how you can use them for a differentiated set of ages 3-6.


I’d love to learn from you! What other ways can you think of using these with your littles? Are you looking for a specific printable that I haven’t created yet? 


Let me know below so we can try it out! 



Will you give this Christmas Activity Binder Printable a try?


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Christmas Activity Binder Printable

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