Candy Cane Counting Mats Free Printable


Candy Cane Counting Mats Printable



Candy Canes! 


We love them! We eat them! And we play and learn with them! 


Well, not really play and learn with real ones, although you could by counting them on the table! 🙂


But, the one play to learn activity I am talking about is this one…


The Candy Cane Counting Mats Printable! 


I’ll share below how you can go about using this free counting printable below. 


Have you checked out the Snowflake Counting Mats printable? There are so many fun ways you can learn to count with them! 



This printable contains affiliate links. 




How to put together your Free Counting Placemats Printable 


There are a few options you can try when putting your printable sheets together: 



These are all great ways to maintain, store and use your free counting printable activity.



How to laminate your free printable


Laminating your printable is very simple. 


Add your page into the laminating sheet. 


Then when your laminator is ready to go, add it in the laminator machine to laminate it. 


If your sheet needs cutting, you can cut the corresponding pieces. 


If not, you can use them as placemats or within a binder



How to use your Free Placemats Printable in a Dry Erase Pocket


You can add each sheet with the corresponding one your child is working on at the very top of the dry erase pocket


Using your printable worksheets is a great way to use them for on the go. 


Take them to a restaurant and use them while you are waiting for your food. 


You can also use them while on vacation or out of town! 


You can also choose not to laminate your free counting worksheets printable. 


Using them as is, works just as fine! 



Using your free printable worksheet counting mats within sheet protectors


With our Preschool Activity Binder, I used sheet protectors for about half of the printable sheets!


Using sheet protectors works REALLY well for activity binders, busy books…


What other fun ways can you think of using your counting printable activity?



Will you give this Candy Cane Counting Mats Free Printable a try?


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Candy Cane Counting Mats Printable

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