Bugs Busy Bins for Early Learning

bugs busy bins


We have had these for quite some time and love them! They are great for on the go, for travel or just for when you are right at home. 


My preschooler and kindergartener enjoyed them and they are perfect for this specific age range. 


I love laminating them for maintaining it, but this is not needed at all. Some of the main areas targeted with these busy bins are: 


  • Tracing 

  • Letter name 

  • Letter Sound

  • Counting 1-20

  • Shapes

  • Shape Tracing

  • Fine Motor skills

  • Color Match

  • Maze from point A to B



What are busy bins, exactly? 


Busy bins are activities that can be placed within a bin and are easily accessible to use over and over again. 


Some ideas are: 

  • Sensory bins

  • Printable bins

  • Fine motor bins

  • Color bins

  • Shape bins

  • Alphabet card bins

  • So, so many bins you can essentially create and make 🙂



A reusable way to use activities over and over again that are great and enjoyable for early learning!


printable for kids bugs


Have you made a busy bin before? What was your child learning about? Please, leave me a comment below. We love busy bins! 


If you’d like to get the first activity within this printable for free to try, scroll down to the bottom of this post! 




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How to put the Bugs Busy Bin together


There are a total of 8 activities that may be differentiated to a set of ages for early learners. 


For instance, my kindergartener at the time really enjoyed working on numbers 1-20 rather than numbers 1-5 only as my preschooler did. 


So, let’s talk about each of the activities. 



Activity #1 

bugs busy bins for kids


This activity is all about the alphabet. You can practice saying the letter name with your child. 


You can also practice saying the letter sound which is what we did. 


We practice the letter sound and find it is most important because it allows for early learning on reading skills. 


The letters within these are also traceable with arrows and numbers directing where to write the lines. 


There is a little bug (butterfly) on each of the cards to help with learning about the alphabet! 🙂



Activity #2

bugs activities for kids


These tracing cards are perfect for laminating and using a dry erase marker to trace the uppercase and lowercase letters. 


I cut each of these, laminated them and attached them all with a loose leaf ring binder for easy storage, maintenance and accessibility. 


Of course, laminating is optional. Instead, you can use these alongside a tracing paper so that your child will learn about the alphabet. 


I have also left a little space at the very end. This is so your child will be able to write down what letter or 2 letters come next.



Activity #3


counting 1-20 activities for preschool


Number Bugs are really fun. There are so many different ways you can go about these. 


I have included a little bug within each of the numbers for a fun game of, “What bug is that?” or for a fun little friend to be there alongside your child as they learn about numbers 1-10.


Again, I laminated these to maintain them and to be able to use a dry erase marker for easy erasing and reusing, but it is completely optional. 


Manipulatives are a great way to use in counting with these counting cards. 


Some great manipulatives are mini erasers, pom poms, wool balls, learning cubes…


Another fun way is to gather some toys from your child’s toy area. Use these in counting alongside these counting cards. 


What other fun manipulatives can you think of with these counting cards? 



Activity #4

counting activities for kids


Numbers 11-20 are for a more advanced approach. My kindergartener enjoyed skip counting using numbers 1-20 altogether. 


She also enjoyed all that Activity #3 has to offer and more. 


Some areas we covered from 1-20 were:


  • Skip Counting by even/odd numbers

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Skip counting by 2, 5 and 10. 


What other fun ways can you think of with these cards?



Activity #5

bug activities for kids


Learn the basic shapes with these fun little butterflies.


Your child can practice tracing the shapes and coloring the one the butterfly is holding for some fun learning. 


We also laminated these to be able to use a dry erase marker for some fun learning while being able to erase it to use over and over again. 



Activity #6

insect bites printables


Caterpillar munches is a super cute game! My oldest used a hole puncher (fine motor) to create tiny munches to match the correct number on the leaf. 


For my youngest, I let her draw little circles as the hole puncher is still very hard for her and we only practiced 1-5. 


The extra leaves are for your child to color in. 🙂


I also used green cardstock paper so when the leaves are printing they come out green! 




Activity #7

bugs activity for kids and preschool


Bugs Color Match can be used with pom poms or colored wool balls for a fun color matching game of complete the bugs missing colors!


This is just too cute! Both my girls also used markers and crayons to color them in which was so much fun for them.


You can also practice counting as you add a pom pom to each circle. 


What other fun ways can you think of with these? 



Activity #8

maze printables for kids


Mazes are always fun for littles. This one is of Mr. Bee looking to find his busy bee hive. Can your child help him find it? 


These are also great to laminate, as it maintains them to be used over and over again with a dry erase marker. 


I so hope you enjoyed these busy bin activities, bug themed, as much as we did! 


If you would like more busy bins of all kinds of fun themes. Please let me know, and I will be sure to make them. 



Will you give this Bugs Busy Bins for Early Learning a try?


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