Paper Towel Traveling Waters Experiment for Kids

Have some fun learning colors with this paper towel experiment


My 6 year old daughter loves rainbow crafts and activities. So, I try to incorporate activities of color and vibrancy when putting a bin, sensory bottle, and/or tray out for play. This is also perfect for my 3 year old as well, as she is learning her colors.

paper towel early learning science experiment

Learning colors is a huge step in children’s development. It can be used in sensory play, in a bin full of colored rice… It’s learning a very important piece of the puzzle in the world they live in. My strategy for y for teaching my littles about colors? Good toddler/ preschool activities.

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What’s your preschoolers favorite color?

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I created this color themed activity as a fun science experiment for both my girls – aged 3 and 6. My oldest was interested in the how of how this happens. My 3 year old was interested in the colors and naming them. I quickly wanted to know what their favorite color was. My preschooler said it was blue and my kindergartener said pink.

diy simple at home science experiment



Cups ( we used 6 plastic cups)

Paper Towels

Food Grade Dye



How we made a put this science experiment together

science experiment for kids using paper towel

For this colorful science experiment, I took six cups and filled them each with water (half way). Then, I added food coloring (primary colors: red, yellow and green) in each other cup leaving the ones in between transparent. You can also try the method where the cups in between with no food coloring, be waterless. This way words great as well.

paper towel early learning science experiment

Then, I took one piece of paper towel and folded it into 4. I cut it in half. Then, I placed one end of the paper towel in a colored cup and the other end in a transparent cup to connect them.

This process took a couple hours, but before you know it, the transparent cups become orange, green and purple. This was exciting for both my girls. The lesson on color mixing is a fascinating one for my 3 year old. My oldest learned a lesson on the method of absorbency.

preschool activities for kids

Bleeding paper towel science experiment is a hit


This at home traveling waters activity is an easy, effective, fun and inexpensive way for your littles to learn at home. It is also known as capillary action and is a great way to learn about the anatomical system in layman’s terms.


Will you give this Paper Towel Science Experiment a try?

colorful funnels science experiment

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